PREMIER DOOR SYSTEMS – High Speed Door Manufacturers

Intelligent innovation for every application

From climate control to compliance. Whatever you need — PVC door, rapid roller doors, PVC strip curtains, high speed doors, and more — we’ve got your door requirements covered.

Maximise productivity

No more wasting time. Fast automatic doors enable your staff to move quickly (and safely) from one section of your premises to the other.

Quality you can rely on

All our products are made to the highest industry standards. They are easy to maintain and backed by our replacement guarantee.

Improve energy efficiency

Our wide range of specialist doors help you regulate room temperature, cut utility costs and help protect the environment.

Enjoy unrivalled performance

In addition to our many doorway solutions, we are licensed agents for the huge range of EFAFLEX high-tech, high-speed doors – cutting-edge technology from Germany.

Make hygiene a priority

Cleanliness is extremely important. When you install any style or make from Premier Door Systems, you can be sure the floor is clean, there is no dust, and insects, flies and birds are virtually eliminated.


Contact our team of experts to see how our custom designs of a PVC door, rapid roller doors, PVC strip curtains, or high- speed doors can assist with your commercial, industrial and domestic door requirements.