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Managing the processes that take place within a food and beverage manufacturer or distributor requires careful deliberation. Ensuring the safety and proper handling of the things people will ultimately eat or drink should be considered top priority. Proper sanitation and hygiene practices are essential. Devoting some time to choose the most suitable door is a… Read more »

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With a lot of employees, security and proper access is critical in a business, especially in an industry which involves complex proceedings. When it comes to commercial and industrial doors, your business will benefit if your doors have advanced activation and safety systems. While configurations vary in relation to what the workplace requires, you can… Read more »

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Using PVC strip door curtains is common in manufacturing sector. Mostly used in Factories, restaurants, and auto body shops in order to separate work areas. One of the more notable things about them is how they offer the function of having a door without having to open or close them. If you’re considering doors to… Read more »

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Avenue Apartments pedestrian door

“Very fast in its operation and looked appropriate to the elegance of the building”. Security & Speed Pedestrian Access Door High Cycle Capability What are the priorities for an apartment complex? You probably listed security and ease of access, so it is no wonder Avenue Apartments recently installed an EFAFLEX High Speed Door (EFA-SSN-S Low… Read more »

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If you’re in a business that uses industrial doors, you’ll understand the importance of getting a door that is fit for purpose. When you’re looking to upgrade, it’s well worth considering high speed doors. They have a number of functions and can be been utilised by a variety of industries and applications. Here are some… Read more »

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017                         “Existing doors onsite were passed their use-by date, prone to mechanical failure…” O-I is a world leading glass container manufacturer with more than a century of experience crafting pure, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging for many of the world’s best-known food… Read more »

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Tuesday, APR 4 2017 “Requiring install within 7 days, they turned to Premier Door Systems to provide a solution”. Recently a local business in Campbellfield Victoria Australia, who have specialized in the production of high quality products made of non-woven fabrics and absorbent powders since the 1980’s, approached Premier Door Systems to provide a solution for their… Read more »

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Wednesday, FEB 8 2017 As an innovative Australian Manufacturer, Premier Door Systems continues to develop and improve our products to provide Quality, Reliability, Durability and Safety. Over the last 12 Months, Premier has re-designed the PremSPEED – Rapid Roll Door to improve function, safety and aesthetic appeal. These improvements have included a complete re-design of our aluminium side… Read more »