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You cannot put a price on safety when it comes to people and powerful industrial doors. Just last month there was an incident that you may have heard about: a young boy was nearly badly injured in Sydney, and it was only his sister’s quick thinking that prevented an even worse outcome. Samuel Whiley, age… Read more »

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For emergency response teams, speed is crucial when critical seconds can sometimes make a difference in life and death situations. That’s why for industries like this, it is important that facilities are designed with high speed emergency crew deployment in mind. It is a very good thing that high speed doors can make a difference… Read more »

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High speed doors are great when they deliver reliable service for a long time, and this can be something you maximise with a little additional effort. The brands we sell and install at Premier Door Systems are high quality lines designed to deliver trouble free operation over a long period of time. Even better, you… Read more »

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Over the last few years, Premier Door Systems has been dedicated to providing you with the best commercial doors in Melbourne along with quality service and craftsmanship. This has seen us grow in many ways and today we want to bring you some good news. An Enriching History Proudly Australian-owned and operated, our company has… Read more »

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When it comes to moving in and out of a controlled environment some businesses have specialised needs. Take pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and food companies for example. These  industries all have one thing in common: they all need to follow strict sanitation standards in order to operate within industry OHS and sanitation regulations. This is where Premier… Read more »

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EFAFLEX is recognised internationally when it comes to superior quality in manufacturing industrial, roller and folding doors. That’s why we are happy to supply and install EFAFLEX including one of the best models in the range, the S Series high speed spiral door. If you’re wondering what are the advantages of using the S Series… Read more »

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A lot of preparation goes on inside a kitchen, making it one of the busiest work environments you’ll ever encounter. That is why installing a door that doesn’t interfere with daily operations can be a huge help in keeping the kitchen workflow smooth yet productive. A great door selection for busy kitchens are PVC Swing… Read more »

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PVC door

PVC doors are a staple in the manufacturing industry because of its cost-efficient features and easy maintenance. However, with the many types available in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one suits your business best. Read on to find out which PVC door is your best bet. General usage PVC strip curtains… Read more »