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  By installing equipment and technology like hygienic door solutions, you can guarantee that you will be complying with stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations at your facility. Premier Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of Dortek hygienic doors designed for a wide range of uses, such as in clean rooms, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical facilities…. Read more »

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When it comes to keeping your produce fresh, there’s no better process than hydrocooling.  Vegetable farming facilities benefit from hydrocooling as it removes heat from the crops and extends crop storage life. The Premier Door Solution Installing door solutions that streamline the workflow and maximise efficiency can help improve these sorts of facilities. A well-known… Read more »

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For efficient workflow and improved safety, food processing facilities will undeniably benefit from high-quality and effective door solutions. That’s why an international manufacturer in Melbourne underwent the installation of rapid roller doors across their newly expanded factory. Major expansion As part of a major development, the manufacturing company’s factory in Melbourne was expanded. KB Building… Read more »

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Efficiency and reliability are two main factors to consider when installing door solutions in any facility. When the premises are fitted out with the right door products, employees can enjoy a smoother workflow and the equipment is also better protected. Ballarat Pressings, a family-owned and operated business, understands the need for trusty, top-quality door solutions… Read more »

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Safety, efficiency and innovation are at the heart of any project. Mexx Engineering takes it to the next level by developing revolutionary solutions and innovative robotic systems for the future of the manufacturing and defence industry.  Mexx Engineering understands the need for enhancing processes, streamlining workflow and increasing safety and security within its premises. This… Read more »

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For efficient workflow and improved safety, food service facilities require the best technologies, including high-quality and effective door solutions. PVC swing doors offer beneficial features that help in ensuring that cleanliness and sanitation is maintained. Here’s why you should consider installing PVC swing doors if you’re in the food service industry. High-performing solutions PVC swing… Read more »

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When transforming communities into vibrant urban hubs, only the best materials and technologies should be used. The Malt District was transformed into a newer and fresher cultural asset and lifestyle destination in the heart of Melbourne.  Efficient door solutions for Malt District In order to support Malt District’s urban transformation, Nylex site developer Caydon tapped… Read more »

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When it comes to choosing effective door solutions for various applications, you can never go wrong with rapid roller doors. Installing rapid roller doors increases the safety and security of your facility, while also optimising the workflow within the premises. For the best rapid roller doors in the market, Premier Door Systems offer our very… Read more »

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To better protect your property, you should consider installing modern high-speed door solutions for various applications in both public and private settings. EFAFLEX high-speed doors in particular are designed to guarantee safety and security, with their TLG Light Curtain proving safe and consistent time and time again.  EFAFLEX gives you peace of mind with its… Read more »

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Looking for high-quality and versatile door solutions? Consider getting PVC strip curtains or a PVC strip door that is suitable for different commercial, industrial and domestic applications. PVC products are ideal for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your facility, whether it is a supermarket, a shop or a clean room.  Here are some reasons… Read more »