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roller door

We understand that one of the biggest concerns for every entrepreneur is to keep your businesses safe and secure. That being said, keeping both employees and products out of harm’s way ensures a smooth and steady flow of productivity in any establishment. Security Doors play a large role in keeping your commercial space easily accessible… Read more »

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pvc swing doors

Here at Premier Door Systems, we all work hard to create PVC swing doors that are safe, durable, and reliable. Our experience in manufacturing quality products over the years have led to developing a respectable reputation all across Melbourne. But this time, we’ve decided to take it further. We are proud to announce that we… Read more »

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There is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of the catering industry: Logistics and operations needs to be fast, efficient and always on track. Surely you wouldn’t want a bothersome door that can’t keep up with the business, right? That’s why here at Premier Door Systems, we’ve developed doors that are amenable to different… Read more »

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This phrase became the unofficial slogan of the US Marines after it featured in the film Heartbreak Ridge (1986), starring Clint Eastwood. Premier Door Systems certainly adopted that motto, when one of Australia’s leading retail property groups who manage 66 shopping centres across Australia, engaged Premier Door Systems to provide an access solution to a… Read more »

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Last year, Premier Doors proudly announced its newest branch in Queensland. The company has been growing steadily across Melbourne and NSW, with the Queensland branch as its newest addition. Wondering what’s next for Premier Door Systems? We sat down for a chat with QLD Sales Manager Craig Evans on what we have to look forward… Read more »

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Big, busy, and better: that’s the aim of every warehouse. If you’re running a plant yourself, you’d want to maximise its overall productivity flow. So how do you do it? Aside from expanding spaces and streamlining tasks, one of the biggest feats that a powerhouse plant should do is installing quality equipment like rapid roller… Read more »

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Now more than ever, it is important that laboratories are always kept clean and up-to-date by installing the newest available technology. By upgrading laboratory facilities, staff can easily ensure the area is well maintained and sanitized. Efaflex, the leading innovators of high speed doors, has a special line of roll-up doors to help you keep… Read more »

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PVC doors are a basic requirement for storage rooms mainly because of how easy and efficient they are to use. Moreover, many industries also favour these type of doors as an economic solution for keeping goods fresh and pest-free. We’ve shared some tips on how you can take care of PVC strip doors, now it… Read more »

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You cannot put a price on safety when it comes to people and powerful industrial doors. Just last month there was an incident that you may have heard about: a young boy was nearly badly injured in Sydney, and it was only his sister’s quick thinking that prevented an even worse outcome. Samuel Whiley, age… Read more »