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Parking facilities require safety and security, and installing the ideal door solutions can go a long way in ensuring they provide the necessary protection. The best door solutions maintain the structural integrity of the facility while also matching the overall design. Here at Premier Doors, we offer EFAFLEX high-speed doors which are especially designed for… Read more »

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Here at Premier Door Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the best door solutions for our clients. Through the expertise of our staff and their dedication to impeccable service, we have proudly supplied many businesses and facilities with a wide variety of door products, including top-of-the-line rapid roller doors and PVC swing doors.  In line… Read more »

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Installing the proper door solutions maximises workflow efficiency and streamlines processes critical to business operations. With PVC swing doors, you can enjoy their optimal technical features to help boost productivity at your facility. Wondering whether your facility is missing PVC swing doors? Here’s why we think you should install them. Heavy-duty plastic panels The panels… Read more »

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Dortek hygienic doors are designed for a wide range of applications. Their features make them ideal for clean rooms, healthcare and pharmaceutical buildings and other such facilities that need to follow stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. Dortek GRP door systems Dortek door systems are manufactured with glass reinforced polyester (GRP), allowing them to be durable… Read more »

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When it comes to modern facilities that require air tightness and strict contamination control, EFAFLEX high speed doors are the ideal door solutions. EFAFLEX door systems are designed for optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Hygienic, contactless and featuring a sleek edgeless design, EFAFLEX doors are sure to maintain air particle purity, making them ideal for various… Read more »

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  By installing equipment and technology like hygienic door solutions, you can guarantee that you will be complying with stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations at your facility. Premier Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of Dortek hygienic doors designed for a wide range of uses, such as in clean rooms, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical facilities…. Read more »

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When it comes to keeping your produce fresh, there’s no better process than hydrocooling.  Vegetable farming facilities benefit from hydrocooling as it removes heat from the crops and extends crop storage life. The Premier Door Solution Installing door solutions that streamline the workflow and maximise efficiency can help improve these sorts of facilities. A well-known… Read more »

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For efficient workflow and improved safety, food processing facilities will undeniably benefit from high-quality and effective door solutions. That’s why an international manufacturer in Melbourne underwent the installation of rapid roller doors across their newly expanded factory. Major expansion As part of a major development, the manufacturing company’s factory in Melbourne was expanded. KB Building… Read more »

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Efficiency and reliability are two main factors to consider when installing door solutions in any facility. When the premises are fitted out with the right door products, employees can enjoy a smoother workflow and the equipment is also better protected. Ballarat Pressings, a family-owned and operated business, understands the need for trusty, top-quality door solutions… Read more »