Carpark 476 x 278Do you need a reliable, safe and secure access solution for your car park? Shopping centres, residential apartments and similar facilities typically use commercial cark park doors because they are built for purpose and optimised for persistent operation.

Whether you manage a retail complex or a residential block, consider how your secure car park doors will affect traffic conditions. Ideally, for the convenience of other drivers, you want security doors that function smoothly and efficiently. You want shoppers to get in and out as easily as possible and you want the residents to be assured that their vehicles are parked in a secure environment during the day and after-hours.

If you are investigating options to install, service or upgrade your existing car park access, call Premier Doors Systems today. We can discuss your project requirements and provide an access solution that is tailored to accommodate your operational needs.

These specialty High Speed Doors offer many benefits including:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Security
  • High Cycle Operation
  • Noise Reduction


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We supply car park doors that feature EFAFLEX patented spiral technology for optimal speed and reliability.

Commercial Car Park Doors for Various Applications

  • Multi-Story Car Parks
  • Government Buildings
  • Residential Apartment Blocks
  • Underground Car Parks
  • Secure Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings


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