EFAFLEX R Series high speed roller doors offer heavy-duty functionalities that can provide superior operational safety in your facility. They are the economical doors systems we provide for indoor applications.

EFAFLEX R Series High Speed Doors at a Glance

The EFAFLEX R Series high speed doors are designed to be efficient, productive and energy-saving. Aside from effectively boosting the workspace output, they are guaranteed to protect your important assets and equipment as well.

  • Dampens noise
  • Maintains temperature zones
  • Avoids drafts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Space-saving & energy-saving

EFAFLEX R Series high speed doors differ from conventional roller doors by their extremely high speeds when opening and closing. These doors can open at speeds of up to 1.5 meters per second. These speeds allow them to provide safe secure access and security quickly, minimising risks of contamination as well as maximising the time for operations. High-speed roller doors are also used to keep temperature zones constant and insulate sound.

Why You Should Choose EFAFLEX High Speed Doors

High speed roller doors solver a lot of issues in a business facility. For instance, they help secure goods and assets. At the same time, they help ensure that the staff will be able to move about efficiently without compromising their safety.


The EFAFLEX R Series high speed roller are versatile, allowing them to suit the configuration of various business processes. These doors can be tailored depending on the internal process within your premises, including factors such as equipment and machinery as well as hardware transport. No matter what you are moving, door specialists will outfit your high speed doors in such a way that would help meet your individual needs.

Improved Thermal Insulation

There are many instances in which the goods stored within a facility must be kept at a specific temperature. With EFAFLEX, this won’t be a problem, since these high speed doors are equipped with industry-leading thermal insulation that guarantees effective sealing of temperatures. Since these doors operate at high speeds, less cold or warmth will be able to escape as well.

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