Shop Front Doors in Melbourne

Looking for quality shop front doors in Melbourne? We offer a range of options including curtains and strips as well as swing doors and high impact traffic doors. If you need assistance finding the right access system for your commercial building, contact us.

PremFLEX—Shop Curtains

Do you need flexible climate control door strips in your shop or office? We can accommodate for your specific requirements by providing custom designs. While the standard selection comes in 840mm (width) x 2100mm (height), we can also produce strips in any width and up to three metres in height.

Choose from a range of commercial features including:

  • Overlapping ribbed strips to barricade against insects and airborne particles
  • Self-sealing capabilities for optimal climate control
  • Door strips that health authority compliant

PremSWING—Heavy Duty PVC Swing Doors

Cleanrooms, hospitals and warehouses are busy workplace environments. Improve your infrastructure for better OH&S with heavy duty PVC swing doors. Transparent PVC panels allow your staff to move efficiently and more safely in confined spaces.


  • Transparent visibility for two-way traffic
  • Hands-free operation
  • 5mm or 7mm thickness
  • Wiper seals to control smoke, dust etc.
  • More

PremIMPACT—HITT (High Impact Thermal Traffic Doors)

Supermarkets, commercial kitchens and other clinical production areas can benefit from high impact thermal traffic doors. Our PremIMPACT range can be ordered in single and double configurations.


  • Durable outer shell with thermally insulated core
  • PVC seals around the door
  • Optional stainless steel surfaces
  • Chemical resistant thermoplastic sheet
  • More

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To find the best shop front doors in Melbourne, call Premier Door Systems. We also provide manufacturing, installation and maintenance services.