How do high speed doors improve efficiency and safety?

High Speed Doors or Roller Doors stand out for their rapid opening and closing speeds compared to conventional models. Their capability to handle numerous operations often earns them the label of ‘High-Performance Doors’

What advantages do high-performance / high speed doors offer?

High Speed Doors are significantly faster with increased performance and reliability, which results in increased energy savings, lower maintenance costs and improved productivity

How do I know what size PVC is best for my strip door?

The requirements for PVC Strip Curtains can vary depending on several factors including: Size of opening, temperature, type of traffic and external elements. Premier Door Systems offer a FREE measure and quote and recommend inspection of your application by one of our team.

Do you offer Local Support?

Yes, 24 hour/7 Days. You may contact us at (03) 9357 8477 for enquiries.

Do you offer warranty on your products?

Yes. We have a standard 12 Month Warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

What is a standard size of a commercial door?

There is no standard size door when dealing with Strip Doors, or High Speed Doors. We highly recommend using our FREE measure and quote service to ensure your door is precisely tailored to fit your required size and specifications.

What is your lead time?

From PremFLEX Strip Doors to Rapid Roller Doors, our production times vary for different products. Our local manufacturing facility guarantees minimal lead times, ensuring prompt delivery of your order.

How do you ensure safety for Rapid Roller Doors?

High Speed Doors and Rapid Roller Doors offer a range of safety features, some included and others available as additional options. These may include Safety Photocells, Reversing Sensors, Presence Detection Radars, and Light Curtains.

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash, Account, EFT, Cheque and/or Credit Card facilities are all available for payment for your convenience.

What are the colour options available for your doors?

Premier Door Systems can match your colour requirements with our wide variety of colour options in Strip Doors, Rapid Roll Doors and Traffic Doors.

What industries are EFAFLEX Safe High Speed Doors used in?

While EFAFLEX Safe High-Speed Doors cater to diverse industries, Premier Door Systems focuses expertise on supplying these doors specifically to Australia’s pharmaceutical, car parking, and emergency service sectors.

How do you repair PVC Strip Curtains?

The most common method for PVC Strip Curtains involves replacing individual strips, which can be easily interchanged using the head rail design.

How do EFAFLEX doors contribute to energy efficiency?

Fast opening and closing times reduce temperature loss, or ingress. Some models of our High Speed Doors are also available as insulated, resulting in minimised emissivity.

What is the standard overlap for PVC Strip Curtains?

The most common overlap layout for PVC Strip Curtain is 1/3, or 2/3.

What are the different safety features available for cool room doors?

Premier Rapid Roller Doors come equipped with an integrated Safety Light Curtain Grid as standard, with options for additional sensors available.

Do you offer custom service for commercial doors?

We can offer reactive, or preventative maintenance agreements to clients.

What is the fire rating of your commercial doors?

The Dortek product line comes with a 2hr Fire Rating and relevant Australian Standards.

What is the wind load rating of your commercial doors?

The EFAFLEX product range comes with certified testing for wind loading up to Class 4, According to DIN EN 12424 class


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