A makeover 25 years in the making!

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Medical facilities and clinics need up-to-date equipment and technologies to meet strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. This includes installing top-of-the-line door solutions designed for effective temperature and contamination control. Taking steps to stay on top of the ever-stringent sanitation regulations, Ballarat Health Services consulted with our Premier Doors team to upgrade their premises. As a… Read more »

EFAFLEX Doors for Food Industry Applications

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Facilities in the food sector need specially designed easy-to-clean door solutions that are optimised for hygiene. EFAFLEX, a known manufacturer of innovative door solutions, has a range of high speed doors that meet and exceed food industry standards. Here’s why EFAFLEX high-speed doors are the best choice for food industry facilities. Meets industry-specific hygiene standards… Read more »

You’ve probably already seen PremFLEX Strip Curtains. Here’s why you should include them in your business.

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If you’re looking for premium-quality, versatile strip door solutions that can be used for a wide range of applications, consider PremFLEX PVC strip curtains. They’re a popular choice for various commercial, industrial and domestic properties – you’ve probably already seen them in action! PremFLEX PVC strip curtains help ensure the cleanliness and safety of the… Read more »

EFAFLEX Doors for Pharmaceutical Applications

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, various industries continue to face problems in practicality and the functionality of their processes and facilities. Specifically, pharmaceutical facilities need to comply with strict sterilisation and sanitation standards to remain operational and keep their processes reliable. To enable them to abide by stringent hygiene rules and regulations, they need to be… Read more »

EFAFLEX Doors for Car Parks and Garages

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Parking facilities require safety and security, and installing the ideal door solutions can go a long way in ensuring they provide the necessary protection. The best door solutions maintain the structural integrity of the facility while also matching the overall design. Here at Premier Doors, we offer EFAFLEX high-speed doors which are especially designed for… Read more »

Meet Jason Bowles

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Here at Premier Door Systems, we pride ourselves on providing the best door solutions for our clients. Through the expertise of our staff and their dedication to impeccable service, we have proudly supplied many businesses and facilities with a wide variety of door products, including top-of-the-line rapid roller doors and PVC swing doors.  In line… Read more »

What are PVC Swing Doors and why should you install them?

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Installing the proper door solutions maximises workflow efficiency and streamlines processes critical to business operations. With PVC swing doors, you can enjoy their optimal technical features to help boost productivity at your facility. Wondering whether your facility is missing PVC swing doors? Here’s why we think you should install them. Heavy-duty plastic panels The panels… Read more »

Benefits of Dortek Hygienic Door Systems

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Dortek hygienic doors are designed for a wide range of applications. Their features make them ideal for clean rooms, healthcare and pharmaceutical buildings and other such facilities that need to follow stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. Dortek GRP door systems Dortek door systems are manufactured with glass reinforced polyester (GRP), allowing them to be durable… Read more »

Things to consider when installing EFAFLEX Door Systems

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When it comes to modern facilities that require air tightness and strict contamination control, EFAFLEX high speed doors are the ideal door solutions. EFAFLEX door systems are designed for optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Hygienic, contactless and featuring a sleek edgeless design, EFAFLEX doors are sure to maintain air particle purity, making them ideal for various… Read more »

Staff profile: Angelo Schlosz

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To continually supply and install the best door solutions for our clients, Premier Door Systems knows the importance of having good people on staff. We are pleased to introduce Angelo Schlosz, our Area Sales Manager for NSW. Originally from South Africa, Angelo moved to Australia with his family at the age of 14. He is… Read more »