History of Premier Door Systems

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Premier Door Systems goes well back to 1988 when the original company owned by Marcus Tutty, Coldseal, first distributed PremFlex Strip Curtains and eventually became Premier Plastics Extrusion Company which started in the mid-1960s.  In 1991, the company gained manufacturing access to PremFlex Strip Curtains, an industrial door curtain company across Australia. The company continued… Read more »

Family-owned Australian business continues commitment to improve the environment

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Bio-Gro is a family-owned Australian company that creates products for the horticulture, viticulture, agriculture and landscaping market. To produce their products, Bio-Grow divert over 350,000 tonnes of organic matter from landfill every year for processing. The methods used to create their organic material are environmentally sustainable, undergo strict quality control measures, and meet or exceed… Read more »

Innovation Always Beats Imitation

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In 1983, EFAFLEX GmbH developed their unique High Speed Steel Folding Door, breaking the market open with technology that was innovative and set a high standard. Naturally, with such a great start and world class technology, the ‘SFT®’ EFAFLEX Speed Steel Folding Door captured a large market share and the attention of many competitors. While… Read more »

Spiral Roll Doors – The Original and Still The Best

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Do you like world firsts? How about the first, the fastest and the most technologically advanced high speed roller doors on the market? Premier Doors and EFAFLEX can bring you this cutting edge technology! Let’s look at why this will benefit your business. Much like Premier Door Systems, EFAFLEX focuses on what they do best:… Read more »

Premier Doors Case Study – Woolworths Kyabram

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Woolworths is a famous name in Australia. It’s likely most people have shopped at or been to a local Woolies on multiple occasions. While customers might walk through the front doors and not think too much about it, in the ‘back’, the right doors play a vital role in air flow and traffic flow for… Read more »

Effective, Efficient Sealing with Hermetic Doors from Dortek

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  Pharmaceutical facilities and cleanrooms need to comply with stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations. As such, they need hygienic door solutions specially designed for hygienic environments.     Contamination control Dortek’s hermetically sealing sliding door has been designed for use in pharmaceutical facilities and cleanrooms. Officially tested for efficiency and featuring a unique patented track… Read more »

How the Right Doors can Prevent Cross-Contamination in the Food & Beverage Sector

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The busy nature of food processing facilities means that staff and equipment are constantly moving from one area to another, increasing the likelihood of cross-contamination. Now more than ever, food processing facilities are expected to follow extraordinarily high standards concerning their operating procedures. An easy way to keep high-traffic areas contamination free is to install… Read more »

EFAFLEX Doors for the Logistics Sector

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Logistics services rely on the efficiency of the workflow, the security of the goods and the safety of the workers. To ensure those factors are maintained, facilities for the logistics sector need up-to-date equipment such as high-speed doors. Well-designed door solutions help streamline processes while also ensuring that foot and trolley traffic is regulated, fast… Read more »

Cleanroom doors by Dortek provide maximum performance, safety, and hygiene!

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For various pharmaceutical applications, cleanrooms and laboratories, there are strict cleanliness and hygiene regulations that must be met. To help make these facilities compliant to the high standards set, equipment and technologies like specially designed cleanroom door solutions are an advantage. Here at Premier Doors, we understand the necessity of cleanroom doors in keeping the… Read more »