Increasing Productivity in Kitchens With PVC Swing Doors

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A lot of preparation goes on inside a kitchen, making it one of the busiest work environments you’ll ever encounter. That is why installing a door that doesn’t interfere with daily operations can be a huge help in keeping the kitchen workflow smooth yet productive. A great door selection for busy kitchens are PVC Swing… Read more »

Which PVC Door is Best for Your Business?

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PVC door

PVC doors are a staple in the manufacturing industry because of its cost-efficient features and easy maintenance. However, with the many types available in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one suits your business best. Read on to find out which PVC door is your best bet. General usage PVC strip curtains… Read more »

Tips to Take Care of Strip Doors

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strip door

PVC strip doors, commonly known as strip curtains, are widely used in warehouses as they are cost-efficient for maintaining indoor temperatures. They are also easy to install and highly durable due to their sturdy material composition and unique design. PVC strip doors have many benefits which gives stores more of a reason as to why… Read more »

Benefits of the Efaflex Turbo-Transparent Door CR

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turbo transparent door

Roll up doors have been around in various industries for its cost-effective characteristics in terms of improving workplace productivity, traffic, and microclimate management. It is an innovative product that brims with potential and quality. One of Efaflex’s highly specialized warehouse doors that will be very beneficial to business owners, specifically those who work in sterile… Read more »

Ever Wondered What Impact-Resistant Doors Are For?

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When you’ve been in your local supermarket, perhaps you might have noticed those odd-looking doors at the corner of the Deli. They have rectangular windows and no handles which makes it easy to swing open either way, thus making it very convenient to pass through whilst carrying goods. If you’ve ever been wondering what kind… Read more »

Common High Speed Door Problems

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high speed door

From the moment they were first available, high speed doors have been very helpful in increasing productivity and cutting down on waiting times in warehouses and plants. High speed doors offer many advantages compared to less advanced alternatives. From microclimate management to reducing accidents around the area, rapid doors have proven themselves to be a… Read more »

Managing Microclimates Using Roll-Up Doors

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Warehouses often house multiple types of inventory under one roof, and that can be a problem when different products require different storage temperatures and conditions. Thankfully, today’s technology means there is a way to manage climates inside warehouses. Here are some reason why high speed doors are changing the game in terms of climate control…. Read more »