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Innovation is not only confined to tech. It is also needed to succeed in the competitive world of industrial doors.

To meet the complex needs of extreme environments, Premier Door Systems continues to continually push the boundaries of design and functionality to the next level. Along with its subsidiary DMF International, the company introduces PremFREEZE (RL3000-FRZ) – a brand of rapid roll doors designed for cold storage facilities.

Specialising in Cold Storage

Companies involved in cold storage, such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, face a significant challenge in maintaining optimal temperature control. Traditional doors often fail to meet the rigorous demands of freezer environments, leading to energy inefficiency and compromised product integrity.

Here is where PremFREEZE shines.

This groundbreaking rapid roll door is designed specifically for freezer applications. The door features the unique LobsterBack insulated curtain design. This is characterised by its overlapping insulated sections that create a finish reminiscent of a lobster’s back. This not only enhances the door’s aesthetic appeal but also significantly boosts its insulating properties.

Choice for Cold Environments

PremFREEZE is suitable for chilly and sub-zero environments, perfect for various settings that require strict temperature control. This door meets the highest standards of efficiency and reliability, whether it’s a large food processing plant or a high-demand pharmaceutical facility.

PremFREEZE Cutting-Edge Features

Besides its innovative curtain design, PremFREEZE includes several other key features innovative curtain design including:

  • Heating to Framework: This technology prevents ice buildup and ensures the door operates smoothly even under freezing conditions.
  • Specialist Sealing System: This system provides an extra layer of protection against air leakage, keeping the internal temperature whilst reducing energy costs.
  • Idle Curtain Roller: This feature contributes to the durability and operational efficiency of the door, keeping wear and tear at a minimum during routine use.

Enhanced Functionality

Apart from the notable features above, PremFREEZE also showcases a suite of functionality that makes it stand above the rest.

  • It has a combination of fast-operating speeds and a simple design structure.
  • Its flexible bottom edge allows for tight sealing even on uneven floors. This quality is crucial for maintaining a stable internal temperature.
  • Moreover, its high-cycle capability supports frequent access without putting the freezer’s internal environment at risk. As a result, the feature reduces temperature transmission and waste.

100% Australian Made

Another significant advantage of PremFREEZE is it is produced locally. Designed and manufactured entirely in Australia ensures faster lead times and reliable quality. Apart from supporting the local economy, locally manufactured products like this allow for quick customisation and service.

With its specialised design and innovative features, the PremFREEZE (RL3000-FRZ) is the ideal solution for any organisation looking to enhance its cold storage capabilities. Its innovative design and engineering is a significant leap forward in industrial door technology, offering superior performance in the most demanding of environments.

Contact Premier Door Solutions now to learn more and how to order PremFREEZE and other door installations – a smarter, more efficient solution to your stringent cold storage requirements.