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Premier Door Systems, a frontrunner in delivering top-notch commercial doors, showcased its dedication to innovation and excellence through a recent collaboration with Multiplex Construction. This partnership involved a project at West Side Place Apartments, Melbourne CBD’s most extensive residential development, boasting a remarkable landscape of over 2000 apartments, a vibrant retail precinct, beautifully landscaped gardens, recreational spaces, and the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Hotel, marking a milestone in Melbourne’s hospitality scene.

West Side Place faced the need for specialised parking solutions, leading Premier Door Systems to implement a combination of EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors, including the SST-PS and the SSN-S, to ensure optimal performance. These door models are purpose-built for spaces with minimal clearances, delivering high cycle capability and minimising noise emissions. Featuring impressive operating speeds of 2 metres per second, EFAFLEX proves to be an ideal choice for extensive residential complexes like West Side Place.

By seamlessly integrating EFAFLEX High-Speed Doors, Premier Door Systems demonstrated their commitment to delivering innovative solutions, ultimately contributing to the streamlined operations and overall success of the West Side Place Apartments project.

Other EFAFLEX High-Speed Door features include:

  • Long service life with up to 250,000 working cycles per year.
  • Burglary-proof design.
  • Optionally insulated door leaves for thermal insulation.
  • The door leaf and framework can be matched to the facade colour.
  • Wide range of activation options.


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