PremIMPACT is a High Impact Thermal Traffic (HITT) door which caters for areas of high levels of traffic with its semi -automatic operation allowing for the door to close automatically from either direction. The PremIMPACT is constructed of a durable 4mm thick propriety ABS type surface and core filled to provide great insulation properties. The doors can be manufactured in either single or double configurations. Windows come as standard for vision and the doors can be fitted with kick plate spring bumpers for maximum impact resistance. Seals and gaskets are used between the door and jamb to reduce temperature loss.

Features & Benefits :

  • High Impact Surfaces – High Impact Surfaces The Prem-IMPACT door panel is chemically and bacterially resistant and contains no timber. The in-built colour will never require painting and retains its clean attractive appearance for the life of the door. The surface is easy to clean and designed to withstand all typical cleaning methods.
  • Thermal Insulation – The propriety outer ABS type skin is filled with a bacterial resistant CFC free foam insulation, for maximum insulation quality and rating. This provides minimal temperature loss and increased savings due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Spring Bumper Kick Plates – Spring bumpers can be used for heavy traffic situations to absorb impact and prevent damage to the door face. These provide additional protection to a height of 600mm or 900mm and can be fitted to both sides of the door panel.
  • Full Gasket Seal Surround – Full Surround PVC gaskets ensure even greater resistance to temperature loss and efficiency whilst also ensuring prevention of dust, insect and contamination intrusion.

Colour : Grey | Black | Limited white | cafe breve
Construction : Door Leaf panel housed in Anodised Aluminium Frame
Windows : Double glazed window with perimeter moulded gasket
Operation : Semi-automatic, door closes automatically from either direction
Panel Signage Options : Signage to clients specifications inserted to windows
Model : PremIMPACT
Heading : High Impact Thermal Traffic Door (HITT)
Stainless Steel Options : For a superior finish the door can be fitted with Stainless Steel Kick and Push Plates
Integrated Door Locking System Options : Door panels can be fitted with Prem-LOCK concealed electronic Lock system, or Manual Shoot Bolt.
Application : Supermarkets, Cool Rooms, Kitchens, Hospitals
Sealing : Full surround PVC gaskets

Width : 3000 mm
Height : 3000

Hold Open : Hold open to 90 or 180 Deg direction
Impact Buffers : 600mm, or 900mm High spring buffers to both sides of door leaf (Black/Grey/Yellow)
Hardware : PremPIVOT Double acting variable torque spring stake concealed in door stile. Adjustable bottom jack to cater for height variance with hemispherical pivot to compensate for floor irregularities.


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PremImpact - Double Door - STEP.STEP
PremImpact Double Door - Drawing DXF.DXF
PremImpact - Single Door - STEP.STEP