Designed and manufactured by Premier Door Systems, the PremSPEED, RAPID AUTO ROLL DOOR is a very strong and reliable High Speed Door. The door panel is constructed from a smooth tear-stop poly weave material with aluminium reinforcing bars for strong wind resistance. As standard, the door also comes with one full-width clear vision panel for safe two-way vision. Featuring opening speeds of up to 1.5m/sec, the PremSPEED is operated by Premier Door Systems own Control System, with a LCD display screen. This controller will accept a large variety of door activation options such as floor induction loops, remote controls and motion sensors.

Features & Benefits :

> Safety Light Curtain – PremSPEED features a safety light grid with an active height to 1800mm for premium safety. This light curtain is integrated into the doors side
columns and reverses the door if obstructed by personnel, or equipment.
> PLC Variable Speed Control With LCD Touch Display – Premier’s variable speed PLC control system delivers optimum performance and soft Start/Stop operation. As standard the controller can offer inputs for a large range of activations and functions.
> Clear Vision Panel – For safety to vehicles and personal the Pre-SPEED door panel can be fitted with a FULL width clear plastic vision panel, this provides clear and easy vision from both sides of the door and minimizes the risk of accidents or collisions.
> Brush Seal to Side Frame – The doors side frame extrusion comes standard with a carrier which houses a brush seal to either side of the doors curtain, for the entire height of the door. This provides additional protection from temperature loss and prevention of contaminants and pests.

Key Advantages :

> Contamination Control
> Pest Prevention
> Low Maintenance Requirements
> Reliability and Durability
> Increased Efficiencies
> Improved Productivity

Colour : Grey | Black | Yellow | Orange | Red | Blue | Green | Light blue
Type of door : Roller door
Safety Devices : Light Curtain Grid to Active Height 1800mm
Emergency Opening Options : Can be fitted with UPS battery back-up for uninterrupted power supply
Stainless Steel Options : S/S variations incl. Top roll dust cover and motor cover.
Covers : Top roll dust cover constructed of colourbond (Dulux Shale Grey)
Activations Options : Various incl. Motion Sensor, Ground Loop and Remote Control
Powder Coating Options : Powder coat and colour code finish to columns
Door Panel Variations Options : Alternate coloured panels, or all clear panels throughout.
Power Req : 240V 15AMP Power Supply to doors control system
Control : Variable Speed Control with Soft Start/Stop, internal and external Push Button
Motor cover : Motor cover constructed of colourond (Dulux Shale Grey)
Bottom Profile : Bottom profile is an aluminium extrusion with rubber profile
Construction : Side Frame made from Anodised Aluminium , Top Roll made from Anodised Aluminium , Brackets are galvanised steel
Door Curtain : 900gsm PVC tear-stop polyweave material panels with aluminium wind ribs (Full Width Vision Panel Optional) – see available colours
Wind Load Max. : On Application
Application : Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Carwash, Distribution

Width : 6500 mm
Height : 6300

Drive : 0.75-1.5kw Motor and Gearbox
Speed Opening/Closing : 1.5/0.8MPS


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PremSpeed Drawing - DXF.DXF
PremSpeed Model - STEP.STEP