Prem-SWING PVC doors are perfect for applications for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The doors feature clear see through panels for safe two-way traffic , operation is push to open with automatic close. PVC panels are available in 5mm and 7mm thicknesses and the frame is constructed of an attractive anodised aluminium frame. Doors can be powder coated and have sign writing applied to suit your individual requirements. A resilient PVC strip seal can be used along the back stile and head profile for optimum sealing performance.

Features and benefits :

> See-Through Clear PVC Panels – The durable heavy duty clear PVC panels allow for a high level of visibility and safe two-way traffic.
> Panel Signage – Promote your brand and improve your companies image and traffic management by incorporating your message, notice or logo into the panel of your door.
> Opaque finish & Impact Strips – Despite the durability of the PVC panel it can be fitted with impact strips for extra protection to high impact areas. These can be fitted at various heights and can be variable in width.
> Raised bottom pivot (optional) – A raised bottom pivot system can be utilized in areas such as washdown environments for ease in cleaning and to minimize build-up of material in pivot system.

Product type : Doors
Panel Signage Options : Sign writing to suit clients specifications
Powder Coating Options : The aluminium frame can be powder coated to suit client specifications
Gusset Plate Options : Reinforcing gusset plate can be fitted for larger high use doors
PVC Seals Options : PVC sealing to stile and head profile for wash down and food/hygiene areas
Opaque Finish Options : The standard clear panel can be made opaque through the application of coloured panels.
Translucent Finish Options : The clear panel can have a translucent finish applied to allow for privacy, whilst still allowing light to pass through. (Frosted Finish)
Application : Supermarkets, Cool Rooms, Liquor Stores, Meat Processing
Impact Strip Options : PVC panel can be fitted with impact strips for extra protection to high impact areas.
Hold Open Options : Magnets can be fitted to hold doors open at 90deg for uninterrupted access
Heading : See-Through Heavy Duty PVC Swing Door
Table Operation : Semi-automatic –Push to open, door closes automatically from either direction
Door Leaf Panel : Door Leaf Panel 5mm or 7mm Clear heavy duty PVC Panel as standard with 100mm overlap
Model : PremSWING

Height : Max. 3000
Width : Max. 3000

Construction : Construction Door Leaf panel housed in Anodised Aluminium Frame, continuous grooves retain the sealing strip and PVC Panel over their entire length. The multipurpose profile is utilized for both stile and head & retains the spring mechanism & bottom pivo
Hardware : PremPIVOT Double acting variable torque spring stake concealed in door stile. Adjustable bottom jack to cater for height variance with; hemispherical pivot to compensate for floor irregularities.


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PremSwing - Double Door - Drawing DXF.DXF
PremSwing - Single Door - Drawing DXF.DXF
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PremSwing - Single Door - STEP.STEP