EFAFLEX provides High-Speed Spiral Doors of various different designs. The circular spiral is the standard solution, and also boasts the fastest opening / closing times. However, if you only have limited space above the door, then you can utilize the space- saving variant in lowheader configuration.

With the EFA-SSN-S®, EFAFLEX has developed a space-saving door that is ideal for parking and garage systems. The new design can even be installed despite limited spaces for the headgear or side frames (MIN 280mm).

Colour : Powder coated in RAL colours
Finish : Aluminium laths
Configuration : Rolling
Product type : EFA-SST®–S-N | With electro-mechanical high-performance door drive for heavy duty
Application : Permanent industrial | Interior door | Lock-up doors
Material : Aluminium laths | Self-supporting lateral steel frames | Modular construction; steel parts to be galvanized | Galvanized sheet steel frame | Stainless steel
Control : EFA-TRONIC® | Frequency converter | BUS technology | Main switch and foil keypad

Width : 6000 mm
Light grid of infrared beams height : 2.5 metres
Height : 6000 mm

Emergency exit : Yes
Disabled access : Yes
Manual opening : Yes (installed in the door frames)
Manual locking mechanism : Yes
Door driven by a geared motor : Yes (to be developed as high-frequency motor)
Inductive proximity switches : Yes
Opening speed : Up to approx. 2.0 m/s
Closing speed : Up to approx. 1.0 m/s
Microprocessor control : Yes (installed together with the integrated frequency converter in a separate Steel switch cabinet)
Protection type : IP 65
Connection : 230V 50 Hz power supply required on-site
Safety system : Integrated completely protected into the lateral frames and generates a light grid of infrared beams up to a height of 2.5 metres
Automatic closing movement : Yes (stopped immediately)
Door blade : Aluminium laths double-walled / non-insulated | EFA-CLEAR® single-walled / anodized | Ventilation laths | Colour according to RAL (without window panel)
Emergency opening : Automatic after manual activation
Lead : Electricity connection 230 V / 50 Hz | Electricity connection 400 V / 50 Hz | Circuit breaker

Weight balancing of the door leaf according to : Standard DIN EN 12604
Certification : TÜV certified
Heat insulation according : DIN EN 12428 up to 5.6 W/m²K
Resistance to wind load pursuant : DIN EN 12424 up to class 4
Airborne sound insulation according : DIN EN 7171 up to 26 dB(A) ((values depend on the door size and the equipment))
Wind load max : According to DIN EN 12424 class
Operating forces / safe opening : According to DIN EN 13241-1
Resistance against water ingress : According to DIN EN 13241-1 class
Air permeability : According to DIN EN 13241-1 class
Direct airborne sound insulation RW* : In dB according to DIN EN 717-1
U value maximum : In W / m2 K according to DIN EN 13241-1
Fire class : Building Material class DIN 4102


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