High-speed turbo door, type „EFA-STT®“, with electro-mechanical high-performance door drive for permanent industrial application.

The door system consists of:

Self-supporting lateral steel frames; steel parts generally galvanized, spiral-shaped door guidance.

The load is transmitted on both sides: For achieving this, a synchronised shaft will be installed. For the exact, smooth and low-noise guidance of the hinge straps, ball-bearing precision rolling units have to be used. A sufficiently dimensioned tension spring mechanism, ensuring the weight balancing of the door leaf according to the standard DIN EN 12604 and a manual opening of the door (e.g. in the case of a power failure) is installed in the door frames.

The door leaf consists of a frame made of anodised aluminium as well as of a middle area which is made of transparent, single-walled acrylic glass. The visible surface of the door leaf must be at least 70%, and optical clarity must be ensured permanently.

This SPIRAL BODY is designed to guide the laths of the door leaf completely without contact and thus without wear and with best possible noise reduction.
The DOOR is driven by a geared motor which has to be developed as high-frequency motor. The positions of the door are permanently detected by means of non-wearing, inductive proximity switches, with the limits being determined electronically. Electro-mechanical limit switches are not permissible here.

The MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL is installed together with the integrated frequency converter in a separate Steel switch cabinet, protection type IP 65. Connection to 230V 50 Hz power supply required on-site.

The scope of delivery includes a DOOR LINE GRID (EFA-TLG®), TÜV certified and in the direct door closing line: The safety system is integrated completely protected into the lateral frames and generates a light grid of infrared beams up to a height of 2.5 metres. Obstructions are detected without contact; the automatic closing movement is stopped immediately.

Type of door : Roller door
Safety : Combined photo-cell and contact edge, Optional infra-red light curtain (EFA-TLG®)
Manual release : Manual opening utilizing spring tension
Control EFA-TRONIC® : Externally mounted polycarbonate control box, With integrated frequency converter
Finish : Galvanised, stainless steel or powder coating acc. to RAL
Spiral design : Extremely fast and quiet operation due to our spiral construction, Designed to minimise contact, reducing abrasion to the door blade and glazing, Round spiral and low header versions available
Door blade : Single-walled transparent laths available with acrylic or polycarbonate infills, Optional grey infill and ventilation lath available

Width : 8000 mm
Light grid of infrared beams height : 2.5 metres
Height : 7800 mm

Power supply : 230V 50 Hz
Cycles : 200.000 operating cycles per year
Closing Speed : up to approx. 1.0 m/s
Opening Speed : up to approx. 3.0 m/s

Resistance to wind load : DIN EN 12424 up to class 4
Tested and certified : IFT institute


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