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Medical facilities and clinics need up-to-date equipment and technologies to meet strict cleanliness and hygiene standards. This includes installing top-of-the-line door solutions designed for effective temperature and contamination control.

Taking steps to stay on top of the ever-stringent sanitation regulations, Ballarat Health Services consulted with our Premier Doors team to upgrade their premises. As a public hospital, Ballarat Health Services aims to always provide the best services available. To be able to do so, they need high-performing solutions that Premier Doors specialists are only too happy to offer.

The PremSWING solution

The Premier Doors team installed the PremSWING PVC swing door for the hospital’s main entryway to the commercial kitchen.

The original door, which was also installed by Premier Doors Systems over 25 years ago, had a Premier sticker that dated the doors manufacture as pre-1996, when we moved out of the Glenbarry Road factory. It also had our phone number without the (9) prefix, a system that was introduced to Melbourne in November 1996. The new and improved PremSWING door features a new anodised aluminium housing and grey opaque panel finish to help protect the PVC leaf from scuffing, allowing it look better for an even longer time.

PremSWING PVC swing doors can reliably handle heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Featuring panels made from PVC, they are extremely durable and long lasting, with flexibility that lets them absorb impact during constant opening and closing. The clear panels also help to improve safety for two-way traffic, reducing chances of accidental collisions. They also have strong aluminium extrusions for retaining the spring mechanism and bottom-metal pivots.

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