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With a lot of employees, security and proper access is critical in a business, especially in an industry which involves complex proceedings. When it comes to commercial and industrial doors, your business will benefit if your doors have advanced activation and safety systems. While configurations vary in relation to what the workplace requires, you can ultimately increase production and conduct better management by having sufficient control of your doors. Here are some advantages of installing advanced activation in your commercial and industrial doors:




1. Integrated safety devises

Your business can benefit from having better protection with your commercial and industrial doors. You can have configurations that offer different kinds and levels of security, from digital pins to RFID technology which will prevent unauthorised access to your building thus preventing theft and be an effective way of safeguarding confidential records, information and equipment. Most importantly, doors with the latest technology will keep your employees in a safer environment.

2. Better management

Having advanced activation in your commercial and industrial doors allows for better management, as you can determine who comes and goes to and from your building. It’s also a more efficient way of monitoring the entry and exit time of your employees, and their movement as they go through areas in your building. By having access control units, you can also enable access to certain areas at specific time periods. You are also able to configure the speed of your commercial doors.


3. They avoid the disadvantages of having traditional use of keys

One of the advantages of having advanced activation is employees no longer require traditional keys. By incorporating proper access control in your commercial doors, your company can stop worrying about lost keys, duplicated keys or key turnovers. You also don’t have to spend money and time on locks and their replacements. Simply delete or re-issue cards should you need to.


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