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Dortek hygienic doors are designed for a wide range of applications. Their features make them ideal for clean rooms, healthcare and pharmaceutical buildings and other such facilities that need to follow stringent hygiene and sanitation regulations.

Dortek GRP door systems

Dortek door systems are manufactured with glass reinforced polyester (GRP), allowing them to be durable and easy to maintain. Because of this, Dortek hygienic doors are very well suited to areas that need maximum cleanability and durability.

Enhanced cleanability

Normal doors contain organic materials like timber which differs drastically from Dortek doors. The materials that make up the Dortek doors mean they are not susceptible to bacterias that typically build up in other doors. With the trusted GRP material, Dortek doors are constructed with seamless and smooth surfaces. Their extremely smooth and flat surfaces leave no room for bacteria to breed. This construction also makes these doors incredibly easy to clean, wipe and disinfect.

Improved durability

Unlike materials like wood or steel, Dortek hygienic doors will not warp, swell, rot or rust over time. This is because the GRP material is specifically designed to be resistant to water and strong chemicals which allows it to undergo exhaustive cleaning and disinfection procedures. Similarly, Dortek hygienic doors are fire-rated in Australia for up to 2 hours, improving the safety in the facility.

Contamination control

Dortek doors are available with hermetic sealing features which helps prevent cross-contamination. The hermetically sealed doors prevent dust, dirt and other such contaminants from leaking through, preserving the original condition of the room. Automation systems allow for stricter control to restrict access to the room, minimising risks of contamination as less people can come and go.

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