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Now more than ever, it is important that laboratories are always kept clean and up-to-date by installing the newest available technology. By upgrading laboratory facilities, staff can easily ensure the area is well maintained and sanitized.

Efaflex, the leading innovators of high speed doors, has a special line of roll-up doors to help you keep your facility in tip-top shape. Keep reading on to find out more about one of Efaflex’s latest offerings.

The Efaflex CR Series

In partnership with the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), Efaflex revolutionises clean room installation projects with the CR series. These specialist doors provide excellent security and sanitation which is a major step-up to meet industry requirements. That’s why whether it is for pharmaceuticals, biotech, cosmetics, or even food production industries, you can rest assured that these high-quality high-speed doors can deliver with promise.

Primary Benefits of CR Series

Airborne Cleanliness

Clean rooms are controlled environments. As they are used for manufacturing or research, it is important that the level of pollutants in the room are low to avoid contamination.

With the Efaflex CR Series, you’ll have no worries keeping your clean rooms safe. These doors are TÜV SÜD certified and have also attained an ISO grade of up to 5.

Strategic Design

When you work in a sensitive area like a clean room, you’ll want to give a lot of thought to the environment conditions in each facility. That’s why as pioneers in their field, Efaflex have developed its CR Series of doors with a strategic design to achieve that perfect airtight security.

These doors are heavy duty as well as easy to maintain, making Efaflex’s door solutions a worthwhile investment for your business.

Multiple Models

Clean rooms have a variety of requirements. Some are designed differently, while some are used for special purposes. Innovators like Efaflex do not believe in a one-size-fits-all concept because they go the extra mile to understand their customers’ needs.

That’s why you will be happy to learn that the CR series now has 4 models available in the market, each unique in their own way.

Efaflex has recently introduced the EFA-SRT® CR C model that has developed specifically in response to the needs of the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, where effective sealing and space requirements are critical. The door model is characterized by its compact design, reduced headroom requirements and slim supporting legs. Air loss is reduced to a minimum

even with strong pressure on the door curtain.

Within the CR Series there is also the EFA-SRT® CR Premium which is ideal for sealing rooms with different high-pressure conditions and is designed for 150,000 operating cycles per year; perhaps you might like the EFA-STT® CR, which caters to larger rooms where pressure cascades; there’s also the EFA-SRT® CR Efficient which holds the ISO Class 6 certification and is loaded with advanced features.

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