turbo transparent door

Posted November 7, 2018 by & filed under Door Warehouse.

Roll up doors have been around in various industries for its cost-effective characteristics in terms of improving workplace productivity, traffic, and microclimate management. It is an innovative product that brims with potential and quality.

One of Efaflex’s highly specialized warehouse doors that will be very beneficial to business owners, specifically those who work in sterile areas, is the EFA-STT CR. Here are a few benefits of the new high speed turbo door EFA-STT CR.

The Transparent Door

The high speed turbo door EFA-STT CR is equipped with a door leaf made of 70% crystal clear acrylic glass so employees can look inside the area even from the outside. It also keeps rooms airtight so that there are lesser cases of contamination. The high speed door is also designed to address rooms that have door speed as their top priority: thanks to its patented spiral guidance, the door has an impressive opening speed of up to 2.5 m/s and a closing speed of up to 0.75 m/s. The high-speed door can also operate in up to 200,000 cycles p.a.

Airtight Benefits

The EFAFLEX high speed turbo door EFA-STT CR also ensures minimal air loss. This is especially in the case of work areas that experience differences in high pressures. These high speed turbo doors are critically valued at these workplaces purely for this feature. More so, It also retains this level of tightness even with door sizes of up to 4 x 5 meters wide. You can rest easy knowing that this door can minimalise pressure and maintain suitable temperatures to ensure environmental control. This high speed door is also TÜV-certified and can be used in rooms up to ISO class 6.

Amenable to Different Industries

The EFA-STT CR can be utilised in the semi-conductor industry, automotive sector, food industry, medicine and biotechnology, aviation, space travel and with life science products. They can also be installed in hospitals, particularly sterile rooms.

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