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If you want to improve the protection in your property, look no further. Get modern high-speed door solutions ideal for car parks or garages in both public and private properties, such as apartments, hotels and hospitals. 

With EFAFLEX high-speed doors, the safety and security of your property is guaranteed. The TLG Light Curtain which provides advanced safety to vehicles and personnel alike. You will also have the peace of mind provided by the entry control system, which can be configured to transfer data to central monitoring systems through the intelligent microprocessor control. Alarms will be activated as soon as emergencies arise.

Fast operations

EFAFLEX high-speed doors boast of opening speeds reaching up to 2.0 m/s and closing speeds up to 1.0 m/s. This helps increase security by reducing follow through vehicles and personnel. Furthermore, with the tried-and-tested EFAFLEX spiral technology, the door blade is not rolled up on a shaft but is instead guided into the EFAFLEX spiral, saving space as well. 


Each property has its own specific needs, and EFAFLEX high-speed doors can adapt to those easily! There is a diverse range to choose from, and they could be tailored according to your requirements. For instance, the EFA-SST® PS in the EFAFLEX S Series is ideal for lower spaces; its spiral construction requires a much smaller space in the lintel of your garage. 


EFAFLEX high-speed doors are tested rigorously, and quality is assured so that they last long while staying high performing. The EFA-SST® Classic doors, for instance, are capable of up to 250,000 cycles per year.

Ready to get the best door solutions for your facility?

Premier Door Systems supply and install EFAFLEX high-speed door systems, ensuring strength, durability and the highest quality in our products. 

From high-speed doors to PVC swing doors, we have the door solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. We have been in the business for over 30 years, so whatever you need, we have you covered!

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