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Posted October 1, 2018 by & filed under High Speed Doors.

From the moment they were first available, high speed doors have been very helpful in increasing productivity and cutting down on waiting times in warehouses and plants. High speed doors offer many advantages compared to less advanced alternatives. From microclimate management to reducing accidents around the area, rapid doors have proven themselves to be a preferable choice. For many businesses when the aim is to maintain a secure, consistent environment high speed doors can make life easier.

Like any machinery though, maintenance and repair will be needed occasionally. Here are some sure fire signs that your high speed door needs attention.

Jammed Door

If your door isn’t opening and closing properly, it needs some attention. It could be there is something obstructing the photoelectric sensors, perhaps the remote control needs a new battery, or maybe the tracks are damaged. If the door is dented, it may mean it’s hanging unevenly and needs to be removed and realigned. In some cases, a jammed door is due to

brake issues or faulty springs by the door curtain. Untrained mechanics can potentially make the situation worse. If you notice a problem, call a professional like Premier Door Systems so we can help promptly.

Squeaking and other unusual sounds

This issue is usually present when a high speed door opens and closes. A dirty door that squeaks, screeches or makes a grinding noise will need proper cleaning and lubrication. Make sure you remove any debris and avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning.

There can be other reasons why a high speed door makes loud noises too. For example an out of shape roller can emit a loud vibrating noise. If that is the case, you’ll need a qualified expert to inspect the issue and repair the door.

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