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Wednesday, FEB 8 2017

Rapid Auto Roll DoorAs an innovative Australian Manufacturer, Premier Door Systems continues to develop and improve our products to provide Quality, Reliability, Durability and Safety.

Over the last 12 Months, Premier has re-designed the PremSPEED – Rapid Roll Door to improve function, safety and aesthetic appeal. These improvements have included a complete re-design of our aluminium side columns. This not only provides a more sleek modern appearance, but is also purpose built to house an integrated safety light curtain, providing superior safety to both personnel and equipment.

Continuous improvement in technology has allowed Premier to develop an advanced control system that is much easier to use and has a customer friendly interface. The system developed includes encoder positioning for the door, along with a LCD touch screen for set-up and door information display.


Customer Satisfaction.

“Thanks for showing me some of the new improvements that you have made to your fast door range. I was very impressed with the new control system and display information, also the limit encoder positioning, in lieu of mechanical limit switch is much more reliable, accurate and easier for adjustment. The other fantastic improvement is the light curtain up to 1.8 mtrs… much better than the old light eye & reflector to align, and a way better SAFETY factor.”

IXL Blackwell – Premier Customer Since 2012.


Additional Improvements/Features

  • Enhanced Sealing Properties
  • Increased Wind Resistance
  • Faster Operating Speeds



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