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Facilities in the food sector need specially designed easy-to-clean door solutions that are optimised for hygiene. EFAFLEX, a known manufacturer of innovative door solutions, has a range of high speed doors that meet and exceed food industry standards.

Here’s why EFAFLEX high-speed doors are the best choice for food industry facilities.

Meets industry-specific hygiene standards

Food industry facilities have stringent hygiene standards and sanitation protocols to prevent contamination. To help meet these standards, EFAFLEX offers the EFA-SRT® EC doors. Featuring easily removable covers, smooth stainless steel surfaces and a slanted cover for the winding shaft, these doors are incredibly easy to clean, with the entire inside part also cleanable with the steam jet.

Seals tight

For a deep-freeze single door solution, you can never go wrong with the EFA-SST® TK-100. With opening speeds up to 2.0 m/s and closing speeds up to 0.5 m/s, these doors provide the best insulation for temperature-controlled rooms. There are also 100mm thick EFA-THERM® insulation laths and an active guide rail mechanism to ensure a nearly hermetic seal. Combined with the innovative heating design that keeps frost from accumulating, these are ideal door solutions for freezer areas.

Ensures a fast and secure material flow

EFAFLEX doors have a space-saving design that make them ideal for various indoor applications while also making the flow of operations smoother and quicker. As an example, the EFA-SRT® ECO doors have slim side frames and are perfectly suited to materials-handling technology.

Improves safety

Your doors can be equipped with the EFA-EAS® crash protection which helps reduce repair costs in case of a crash. Moreover, EFAFLEX offers the EFA-SCAN® activating system, which allows smart direction recognition for the opening and closing of your doors. This helps prevent accidental triggering and also makes your facility safer and more secure.

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