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With the COVID-19 pandemic, various industries continue to face problems in practicality and the functionality of their processes and facilities. Specifically, pharmaceutical facilities need to comply with strict sterilisation and sanitation standards to remain operational and keep their processes reliable. To enable them to abide by stringent hygiene rules and regulations, they need to be equipped with the best technologies, including healthcare doors designed for that very purpose.

Here at Premier Door Systems, we offer a range of EFAFLEX clean room doors. These heavy-duty, low-maintenance door solutions help pharmaceutical facilities remain clean, safe and secure. 

As a known manufacturer of innovative high speed doors, EFAFLEX ensures that the clean room doors are perfectly adjusted to meet the requirements of controlled zones in a pharmaceutical facility. The CR Series in particular, has features meant to effectively address contamination risks and sanitation concerns. EFAFLEX high-speed doors for the pharmaceutical sector are certified to ISO Class 5 and 6 (ISO 14644-1), providing the ideal conditions for various medical and healthcare applications.

Maximum security

EFAFLEX doors guarantee air tightness in all accesses to minimise contamination, and the air lock feature reduces air loss while keeping the filter load low. This lets the doors seal the space, which is extremely important in pharmaceutical applications to keep the materials pure and clean. Along with the air filtering system, the air tightness of the doors ensures the sealing in clean rooms and other sensitive production areas. EFAFLEX CR Series door systems also have high pressure tolerance so that even when high differential pressures occur, there is minimal air leakage.

Speed and space

EFAFLEX doors have opening speeds of up to 1.0m/s and closing speeds of up to 0.5m/s. The quick opening and closing time also contributes to better insulation. Moreover, with the patented EFAFLEX spiral technology, these high-speed doors have a space-saving design that can be used in various interior areas. 

Safe maintenance

EFAFLEX doors have smooth surface structures with no protruding edges, making them incredibly easy to maintain and clean. The smooth surface also minimises the chances of bacteria and viruses building up in crevices and corners, increasing their suitability for facilities with intense cleanliness restrictions. 

EFAFLEX high-speed door systems are specially designed for easy control and to avoid any contamination. As such, the doors can’t be disassembled. Maintenance for EFAFLEX doors are done by trained EFAFLEX engineers who perform the work in full protective equipment. 


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