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The manufacturing, transportation and storage of food and beverages require certain hygienic conditions that can be met only with specially designed technologies. Facilities in the beverage sector need tools and technical solutions that will help them be optimised for cleanliness and sanitation. This includes door solutions that not only minimise contamination but also improve and streamline manufacturing processes.

If you have a facility in the beverage sector, you should consider installing EFAFLEX high-speed doors. Here’s why.

EFAFLEX keeps up with fast logistic processes

Beverage manufacture involves the use of perishables, such as milk, whey or juices from fruits and vegetables. As such, speed is of the utmost importance, as fast processing prevents them from going bad and becoming unusable. EFAFLEX doors can easily keep up with the need for speed, helping to accelerate the logistic processes and minimise wait times. The EFA-SRT® ECO boasts opening speeds up to 2.0 m/s and closing speeds up to 1.0 m/s, leading to up to 150,000 operating cycles per year.

EFAFLEX Regulates temperature

To ensure safe and stable production, beverage sector facilities need their temperature properly regulated to guarantee the quality and freshness of the product. EFAFLEX high-speed doors, such as the EFA-SST® Premium, help with this, as the quickness of their opening and closing minimises air exchange and contributes to better insulation. As well as temperature control, EFAFLEX doors also reduce the chances of contamination.

Requires minimal maintenance

EFAFLEX has long been a leader in door technology and has thus mastered the manufacture of durable doors with low maintenance requirements. The beverage sector, which needs reliable and high-quality technical solutions to keep their ingredients and products fresh, can benefit from EFAFLEX doors. The low maintenance requirements lead to fewer delays in the operation process, ensuring fast production times.

Designed for fast and easy cleaning

With EFAFLEX doors, speed and hygiene go hand in hand. EFAFLEX doors feature a special curtain that can withstand high pressure and disinfectant cleaning without losing its speed and temperature sealing properties. As such, the day-to-day operations won’t be affected by long downtimes for cleaning requirements, ensuring a consistent production schedule without compromising hygiene and sanitation.

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