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Logistics services rely on the efficiency of the workflow, the security of the goods and the safety of the workers. To ensure those factors are maintained, facilities for the logistics sector need up-to-date equipment such as high-speed doors. Well-designed door solutions help streamline processes while also ensuring that foot and trolley traffic is regulated, fast and safe.

We at Premier Doors understand the need for high-quality warehouse doors that suit the fast pace of logistics facilities.

Optimised speed

EFAFLEX is a renowned leader in high-speed doors, with their range of high-speed door solutions remaining unrivaled. The EFA-STR high-speed roller door, for instance, has opening speeds of up to 4.0m/s and closing at 1.0m/s. Featuring the patented spiral technology, EFA-STR doors can get up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, delivering speed without compromising stability.

Reliability and versatility

The EFA-SRT high-speed roll-up door is especially designed to suit any application in the logistics sector. Power-driven and with a wide range of drive types, these doors can accommodate a variety of applications, equipment, and combination options. You can install these doors in virtually any process-intensive areas in your facility.

Transparency and safety

With a crystal clear acrylic glass surface, the EFA-STT transparent high-speed door offers complete safety. The two-way view prevents collisions from both sides, while the EFA-SCAN® activating system allows smart direction recognition to help avoid accidental opening and closing.

Here at Premier Door Systems, we have the best door solutions for the logistics sector!

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