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Whether big or small, most airports often function the same. They’re designed to be safe and secure as it’s a busy place that houses thousands of people commuting every day.

But did you know that even doors play a huge role in keeping airports productive and convenient? Read on to find out how a world-class brand like EFAFLEX makes a high speed door that fares well in this game.


EFAFLEX doors are designed with functionality in mind. The EFAFLEX-STT, for example, has a clear vision view through the door blade for easy access on either side. This door is ideal for logistical operations luggage departments, freight services as well as on-site fire brigades.

Aside from having a sturdy internal door, these doors can also be tailor-made to directly address specific needs from your department. So whether you want something space saving or offers zero downtime, EFAFLEX got you covered.


Since airports are fast-paced and complex from operations alone, businesses always invest in high-grade equipment that can keep up to industry standards and survive constant wear and tear.

Catering departments in particular are very keen in preserving its food. In this case, airports need to keep the temperature low all the time.

EFAFLEX understands these type of needs. That’s why with the robust SST New Generation high-speed door, food preservation is now made easier with its excellent thermal insulation that also doubles as a soundproof door. Isn’t that cool?


We all know airports are well-known for their hustle and bustle; that’s why there’s no doubt that low-maintenance installations are a must-have.

Thankfully, all EFAFLEX doors have a built-in spiral system that’s equal parts flexible and reliable. This allows for faster and noise-free operations—not to mention its fully customisable features and high wind load capacity though!

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