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For emergency response teams, speed is crucial when critical seconds can sometimes make a difference in life and death situations.

That’s why for industries like this, it is important that facilities are designed with high speed emergency crew deployment in mind. It is a very good thing that high speed doors can make a difference when time is tight.

High Speed Emergency doors have some unique advantages that are worth remembering. 

Intuitively Designed

Emergency service facilities like fire stations and ambulance stations need a high speed door system that does what is required the first time every time with minimum fuss. Emergency crews need to get ready and get moving without even thinking about how to get out of their garage. Our high speed doors need to be reliable and cater for the specific needs of each location. Most importantly these need to be so intuitive that they just work, with no thought on the part of the emergency crews who are in rush. 

Take the F Series High Speed Folding Doors, for example. These doors open with a sideways motion and as such differ from the more traditional high speed door which opens upwards.These doors are also very effective when it comes to insulating against loud noises and they are also very energy efficient.

Safe & Reliable

A safe, reliable and above all else quick opening emergency high speed door is essential when looking at places like fire stations. With our fire seasons becoming increasingly challenging for crews, high speed doors are essential.

Thankfully, high speed doors are just as safe as they are quick. At Premier Door Systems we sell and install the world-renowned EFAFLEX range. This includes high-quality speed doors made with EFAFLEX patented ‘spiral’ technology. EFAFLEX Series S High-speed doors can attain a peak speed of up to 4 meters per second!

That is pretty useful when you need to hit the road in a hurry when responding to an emergency.

For world class commercial doors in Melbourne, don’t forget to check out Premier Door Systems. We are 100% proudly Australian-owned and sell and install quality high speed doors that you can trust. For enquiries, contact us today via +61 3 9357 8477 or send us a message here.