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Posted October 8, 2018 by & filed under Australian Commercial Doors, Commercial Doors.

When you’ve been in your local supermarket, perhaps you might have noticed those odd-looking doors at the corner of the Deli. They have rectangular windows and no handles which makes it easy to swing open either way, thus making it very convenient to pass through whilst carrying goods.

If you’ve ever been wondering what kind of door this is, well it’s a High Impact Thermal Traffic Door (HITT). An HITT door has multiple uses in various industries—here are just some of the best reasons why your business might need one.

1. It aids in sanitation.

Manufacturing giants, food processors, and larger commercial kitchens take quality control seriously. And for good reason: contamination can easily go unnoticed in these areas if proper sanitary measures are not taken. These places undergo rigorous sanitation procedures to ensure the prevention of germs spreading in the area.

The beauty of HITT doors is that they come completely equipped with a high density polystyrene core that prevents water absorption and bacteria. Since polystyrene is optimized for insulation, the door also helps preserve the temperature inside the room. Features like these are very beneficial especially for areas that are humid or for household items that are temperature sensitive.

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2. It helps increase daily functioning and efficiency.

Retail giants, like Woolworths, IGA, Dan Murphy’s, and TK MAXX stores experience high volumes of traffic every day. Since suppliers, employees, and dealers move in and out these vicinities frequently, a typical door would affect the overall productivity in the workplace. Installing an HITT door will help increase everyone’s productivity and enable the smooth functioning of day-to-day tasks with ease. They can also have kick and push plates installed as well as hold-open devices.

3. It has the potential to handle heavy impacts.

The best feature about traffic doors is that they’re built to withstand blows of high impact, even with heavy use. As people who work in supermarkets and other similar setups normally juggle moving around many things (literally), a normal door will easily wear down due to frequent usage and accidental blows from hand trucks and other heavy machinery.

HITT doors come equipped with the best materials to endure heavy duty work. Commercial doors like this can be installed with spring bumpers, and have chemical resistant Thermoplastic skins with a textured surface, masking scratches even with high impact blows.

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