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Bio-Gro is a family-owned Australian company that creates products for the horticulture, viticulture, agriculture and landscaping market. To produce their products, Bio-Grow divert over 350,000 tonnes of organic matter from landfill every year for processing. The methods used to create their organic material are environmentally sustainable, undergo strict quality control measures, and meet or exceed Australian standards.

Protecting both the environment and their staff are two of the highest values for Bio-Gro, and steps are taken at every possible opportunity to improve on their internal processes to ensure that happens.

That’s why Bio-Gro recently partnered with Premier Doors to improve their facility in Dandenong Victoria. Installing PremSPEED rapid roller doors at their processing facility has had a number of benefits.

PremSPEED rapid roller doors help to protect the integrity of the environment inside the facility. PremSPEED rapid roller doors prevent the movement of air and more importantly, odours. The smells from organic matter collected does not become a problem for neighbours and staff outside the area.

PremSPEED rapid roller doors create a physical barrier to the public that restricts access in areas where heavy machinery operates, thus making the facility safer.

PremSPEED rapid roller doors add more to safety with a safety light curtain grid, meaning the doors will not accidentally close while something is in the way. The safety light grid system ensures that the area is scanned before doors close which is incredibly important.

With Premier Doors having installed PremSPEED rapid roller doors, Bio-Grow’s facility is safer, more secure and doesn’t present any environmental hazards for the local community. As such the installation of our doors has helped Bio-Gro continue to be a leader in the market sector that they operate in.

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