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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Deep-Freeze High Speed Door

The TK-100, featuring the Active Framework Mechanism is a high-speed door that sets new standards in performance in deep-freeze applications.

In light of climate change, rising raw material and energy prices, there is a growing trend toward developing low-energy products and equipment that improves energy consumption levels and reduces waste in cold storage facilities.

EFAFLEX continues to be a leader and industrial high-speed door specialist, with the TK- 100 achieving more than any other deep-freeze door on the current global market.

The TK-100 features;

  • Operating Speeds of up to 2.0MPS
  • A Dynamic 100mm Thick Door Curtain
  • AFM Spiral Track (Active Framework Mechanism)
  • Contact Surface Heaters to the Frame and Door Curtain.
  • Suitable for temperatures down to -30°C
  • Capable of installation inside freezers to -25°C

The unique Active Framework Mechanism ensures the door curtain remains pushed against a seal around the door frame when closed, and thereby seals off the deep-freeze area practically hermetically.

Click Here to view operation of Active Framework Mechanism

For safety the TK-100 is fitted TLG infrared door light grid, a worldwide unique and fully self-monitoring safety system that can be integrated into the new Efaflex deep-freeze door.

With a heat transfer level down to 0.62W/m²K for the entire door and 0.24W/m²K for door lath, the TK- 100 is the optimum Single Door Solution for freezer entrances. High insulation properties and integrated heaters ensure that ice build-up and temperature transfer is eliminated.


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