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You cannot put a price on safety when it comes to people and powerful industrial doors. Just last month there was an incident that you may have heard about: a young boy was nearly badly injured in Sydney, and it was only his sister’s quick thinking that prevented an even worse outcome.

Samuel Whiley, age 10, thought that he could slip under the carpark’s roller door before it closed. Little did he know that the door would continue to close and as a result Samuel was trapped with the door exerting further downward force.

Thankfully, his little sister Jessica quickly took action. The seven-year-old girl used a pole to push the ‘open’ button while their eldest brother William, age 12, stood in front of the sensor to avoid the door from closing again.

This is a cautionary tale for people to not take risks of the sort that Daniel did. More importantly, the incident also serves as a reminder to consider the benefits of installing modern doors which are designed to prevent this sort of situation from ever arising and are therefore an extremely worthy investment.

Moving Forward

Manufacturers today study incidents like this so they can build safer industrial doors. This is because, in reality, car parks are often grossly underestimated when it comes to foot traffic. This sort of traffic has to be taken into account as well as vehicles moving in and out; more safety precautions are required to ensure that state-of-the-art doors protect everyone who uses them.

Efaflex, a known industry leader in the field of industrial doorways, is always committed to creating high-quality products that are both innovative and more importantly safe to use. That is why all of the Efaflex door models are designed with additional built-in safety features as standard to avoid accidents like that described above.


Moving Further

As a matter of fact, all Efaflex doors come equipped with a revolutionary EFA-TLG® Door Light Grid. This TÜV-certified feature features crossing infrared rays that detect even the smallest obstacles of up to 2,500mm tall. This self-monitoring sensor built inside the door guide senses an obstruction and initiates emergency automatic reverse or immediate stop even without contact.

The EFA-SCAN® laser technology is state of the art and represents the first time the patented scanner technology has been used to help ensure that a door operates safely.


This technology utilities intelligent direction recognition, working as fast as 16,000 measurements per second within its completely adjustable detection zone. The scanner also calculates the distance, speed and direction as well as distinguishes people from vehicles.

EFA-SCAN® laser technology can recognise people and objects that are coming towards the door, reducing the rate of false activations triggered by passers-by or wind and rain, making it useful for outside applications too. This kind of innovations is why Efaflex is a world leader in the field.

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