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Premier Door Systems has seen many changes in the past few years. Changes that have been driven by constant innovation, and development of smart door solutions.

How the company progresses towards its goals is due to the professional and experienced team that are both dedicated to their craft, and to delivering excellent client service.

Meet Greg Richards, Sales Manager of Premier Door Systems, whose role has been instrumental in the business becoming an industry leader of the smart doors such as PVC doors and rapid roller doors. He entered the world of commercial and industrial doors in 1975 through selling roller shutters. By 2004, he’d specialised in the sales of high speed doors.

His accomplishments and experience means he has a definite advantage when talking to clients. His approach is personalised, detailed and backed by a wealth of knowledge that ultimately leads to in-depth solutions tailored to the specific needs of his clients.

Here’s a few questions we asked him about the industry:

Question: What are the key things to consider when inspecting a client site, or application?

Greg: Get all the information you can before setting foot on the actual site and then look up, down sideways and up again – in other words be thorough.

Q: What is your approach to sales?
G: One, be proactive and listen to what the client is trying to achieve – it’s the client, stupid! Two, telling is not selling.

Q: What is your Favourite Door Model? And why?
G: The EFAFLEX Clean Room series. It is challenging and interesting marketplace that requires real expertise to sell into.

Q: Most Challenging Project you have worked on, and why?
G: A Large Government Essential Services Project.
Q: Why?
G: We had to convince a budget conscious Government Department to look past the up front costs and take a whole of life approach to the decision making process.
Q: How did you overcome this?
G: We Demonstrated the doors in a like for like situation whilst highlighting the reduced running costs, lower overheads, longer door life, premium reliability and better response times afforded by the doors.

Q: Most interesting project/application?
G: High Security Manufacturing location – doors that are required to be both secure, reliable and still have visibility for OHS.

Q: What do you see as the as the best innovation in this industry over the last 10 years?
G: The door design innovations that now allow us to offer doors with differing head unit profiles to cope with buildings designed with minimal space for a conventional automatic fast door.

Q: What is Premier’s greatest advantage in this market?
G: We are small enough to react quickly to emerging trends but big enough to be able to service all aspects of the rapid door market.

Q: What are your interests outside of work?
G: Besides family, I enjoy Bushwalking and Scuba Diving.

It takes the initiative of the forerunners of a company to motivate and appropriately manage its employees. Like Greg Richards, the rest of the professional team at Premier Door Systems are all about reaching the highest standards and delivering high speed doors and more quality products and services.