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Thursday, November 20, 2014

EFA – SRT Soft Touch S

The Efaflex SRT-Soft Touch High Speed Door is the flexible all-rounder which is collision resistant, provides functional reliability and is low maintenance. Now also in available in an ” XXL ” version : The Soft Touch S has an expanded size range available to 4,500 mm width and 5,000 mm height.

Due to the patent pending EFA “Soft Touch System” this High Speed Door features innovative technology and combines the following in one integrated system;

–          Tensioning of the Door Curtain

–          Weight Counterbalance

–          Collision and Crash detection

The EFA-SRT Soft Touch High Speed roll-up door is a reliable space-saving, low maintenance door developed specifically for heavy duty industrial applications and is recommended for applications with a high access frequency of staff.