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There is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of the catering industry: Logistics and operations needs to be fast, efficient and always on track. Surely you wouldn’t want a bothersome door that can’t keep up with the business, right?

That’s why here at Premier Door Systems, we’ve developed doors that are amenable to different industries. Keep reading to learn how our very own PremSWING PVC door & PremIMPACT Thermal Door are a great match even for the kitchen!

Safer & More Convenient Doorways

Busy restaurants and other similar establishments always have a high foot count of people going in and out. With everyone pressed for time, a door that can keep things secure yet suits the place will be a tremendous help for everyone!

With PremSWING, you can easily open its see-through panels without using your hands. The door also closes automatically at a gentle speed so you won’t have to worry about slammed doors or some unnecessary accident!

Stylish & Customisable Design

As opposed to other industries like warehouses and pharmaceuticals, sometimes every part of a resto needs to be on-brand. If you want a door that blends in with your interiors, then PremSWING can give that to you.

Our very own PremSWING has three-panel finishes for all your stylish needs. Choose from Clear, Translucent, or even Opaque to match your very own food joint! You can also have panel signage to promote your brand or add a notice on the door.

Sturdy & Easy Peasy Maintenance

Fast-paced environments and accidental bumps usually go hand-in-hand. In this case, weak materials are pretty much a huge no-no. That’s why it’s always a great thing to invest in assets that are worth the money.

You can count on the PremSWING Thermal Door to be strong and easy to maintain. With its impact resistant buffers, even the full brunt of service trolleys are no match to its durability. Best of all, it’s made of easy-to-clean materials!

Still not convinced? Go drop a question to one of our experts by contacting us today.

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