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Over the last few years, Premier Door Systems has been dedicated to providing you with the best commercial doors in Melbourne along with quality service and craftsmanship. This has seen us grow in many ways and today we want to bring you some good news.

An Enriching History

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, our company has come a long way. Back in the day, we were previously known as Premier Plastics. Our specialisation was mainly in PVC and plastic extrusion. We also manufactured a range of products, such as Flexible Climate Control Shop Curtains. These are known as the PremFLEX strip doors.

We became licensed EFAFLEX agents in 2010. This was a big step forward for us. As you may well know, EFAFLEX  is highly respected brand when looking for high speed doors. We also continued to expand our range and started supplying and installing Dortek Hygienic Door Systems too.

Fast forward to 2015, our business gradually shifted to also servicing and manufacturing our own range of industrial doors.

From here our scope has increased considerably from the smaller PVC doors to a more comprehensive variety of climate controlled, security and emergency doors.

Our range has expanded to include our very own high-speed Auto Roll Doors, HITT (High Impact Thermal Traffic) Doors and Heavy-Duty PVC Swing Doors. This has seen us broaden our focus so that we do a lot more for customers when it comes to servicing their industrial doors as well.

Added to this has been a capacity to come up with customised solutions for a number of sophisticated industrial door requirements. If you need an industrial roller door for a particular purpose, our expertise and range has developed to the point where it is truly best practice.

As our range and expertise have grown we have continued to build on sales success and relationships with our valued customers, ensuring that we still deliver solutions on time and best suited to our client’s requirements.

The increased capacity and expertise has seen us experiencing growing pains. Our old location worked, but we really needed more space to improve and become even better at meeting the needs of our valued clients when it comes producing industrial and rapid roller doors of all kinds.

A New Beginning

So it is time to grow!

After about 23 years of operating at 69 Killara Road Campbellfield, we are happy to announce that we have finally moved our manufacturing facility and head office to Unit 2, 156-162 Barry Road in Campbellfield, Victoria.

We welcome all of our clients to our new production base, just around the corner from our old location. We have moved and grown and the result will be better services and more efficient production, all of which will benefit you, our customers.

Boasting over 1600m2 in size, Premier Door Systems will now be able to better manage production and look after the multiple lines we support more effectively. We now have dedicated product production lines, increased storage and manufacturing capacity, as well as newly-built office spaces, meeting rooms and a demonstration area which is coming soon, all of which will make it easier for us to assist our client’s needs.


A New Branch in QLD

Our growth has also extended with the opening of a new location too. In order to expand the business, Premier Door Systems had also recently opened a new branch in Eastern Australia.

Our new branch in Queensland at 1/1 Dan Street, Capalaba QLD 4157 was unveiled to the public in 2018 and aims to provide quality warehouse doors, PVC swing doors and more in the northeast. You’re welcome to drop by our store for all your commercial and industrial door needs!


Moving forward, we’re excited to be able to better serve our clients when it comes to meeting deadlines, offering a comprehensive range of industrial door solutions, each now with its own unique production space. Swing by Premier Door Systems today for a quick tour or get in touch with us here for any enquiries.