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We understand that one of the biggest concerns for every entrepreneur is to keep your businesses safe and secure.

That being said, keeping both employees and products out of harm’s way ensures a smooth and steady flow of productivity in any establishment.

Security Doors play a large role in keeping your commercial space easily accessible by your staff and safe. That’s why here at Premier Door Systems, we have curated a line of warehouse roller doors for Melbourne-based companies to help boost their workspace productivity and protect their assets.

Scroll down to see some of our best offerings which are suitable for your business.

Internationally-Acclaimed Quality

As most workers in warehouses often use heavy machinery to transport goods in and out as well as to move inventory frequently to reorder, it’s no wonder that ensuring that your facility is equipped to provide safety and ease of access in such a busy environment is of prime importance.

EFAFLEX is a world-renowned brand in terms of innovative door solutions that have developed the S Series to directly address these kinds of concerns which are common most businesses. EFAFLEX pride themselves in producing doors that last for a long time all the while efficiently supporting your daily operations.

Energy Efficient Door Speed

High-speed doors are highly beneficial to the warehousing industry. It reduces energy costs due to its quick operational functionality as well as reduces noise while allowing people to pass through quickly.

Aside from the EFAFLEX S Series High Speed Spiral Doors, the PremSPEED Rapid Roller Door also boasts of its high-speed door functionality system that meets the expectations of most businesses. Furthermore, it is easy to install and doesn’t require too much effort to maintain.

Temperature Sealing Qualities

One underrated feature that automatic warehouse doors have is their ability to seal temperatures within a room. Due to the ultra-fast closing and opening speed features that come with automatic warehouse doors, it is easy to keep a confined space to a consistent cold or warm temperature.

We’ve specifically developed the PremCHILL Rapid Roller Door to address these microclimate needs while preserving all the primary benefits of a high-speed door. Due to its enhanced build, these doors can also be suitable to other industries.

Kickstart the road to efficiency, safety and security today with Premier Door Systems!

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