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High speed doors are great when they deliver reliable service for a long time, and this can be something you maximise with a little additional effort. The brands we sell and install at Premier Door Systems are high quality lines designed to deliver trouble free operation over a long period of time. Even better, you can help the doors we provide last as long as possible with a little simple maintenance.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to take care of your high speed roller doors.

Clean it regularly

Take the time to look over your doors regularly and remove any gunk, grime or buildup using appropriate cleaning agents such as diluted methylated spirits and look to wipe your doors down with a soft cloth. Doing this will help you to spot any areas that might need more attention too.

Schedule routine inspections

One of the advantages of the high speed doors we sell at Premier Door Systems is that our products are built to last and our products, like the EFAFLEX range, are designed with cutting edge engineering and long service life in mind.

While they require less maintenance than most, you still should have your doors checked regularly and we can help you do this. Doing this every 6 months is worth considering. If you are unsure of the maintenance interval for your particular door please give a call.

Speak to us for professional maintenance

You wouldn’t go to any old mechanic if you had a really nice car and it is the same with the doors we sell and install. Because our range includes the best products on the market, it makes sense to make sure they are taken care of by those most qualified to do so. The good news is that you are already in the right place, as no one provides better maintenance or repair services for your high speed doors than Premier Door Systems. So give us a call if you have given your doors a regular inspection and have found something that looks faulty.

We’ll be best positioned to diagnose and fix the problem quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss.

Shopping for commercial doors in Melbourne can be a real hassle. Get in touch and we can supply, install and help you maintain your commercial doors. Call us today via 03 9357 8477 for more information or send us a message here.