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Posted September 24, 2019 by & filed under Australian Commercial Doors.

There is no question that with increasing competition for businesses, retail companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their infrastructure, facilities and services to cater to the growing demand of consumers. Expansion and increasing demands naturally give rise to the need to improve daily operations.

However, despite the RETAIL industry being built on “Choice”, many major retail chains don’t encourage this same practice during the tender, construction and fit-out of their own stores. Others, meanwhile, seem to think that there is just no options available… Thankfully, there is a suitable alternative.

Introducing the PremIMPACT Thermal Traffic Door—our cost-efficient solution for today’s establishments.

What is PremIMPACT?

This type of Impact door is specifically built for areas that deal with high foot traffic regularly. The PremIMPACT Thermal Traffic Door is made with durability and functionality in mind, using quality materials and strategic design elements that exceed customer expectations.

Why Choose PremIMPACT?

There are reasons why many companies, such as TK Maxx, Dan Murphy & IGA, trust us with providing what’s best for their business.

Long-Lasting Quality

Our range of products has been tried and tested and that holds true even for the PremIMPACT Thermal Traffic Door. We use a high-density polystyrene core which prevents moisture problems, such as rotting, or mould growth.

Its textured ABS Outer Shell is also 4mm thick to provide better strength and rigidity. High-impact areas are made from chemical-resistant Thermoplastic sheets to reduce damage from dents and scratches.

Built-In Safety

We believe that product safety is one of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a door. That’s why we developed PremIMPACT as a risk-free investment that you can trust. Through intuitive design, we achieved a Traffic Door that exceeds expectations.

Its bottom PremPIVOT is designed not to break, while its top and floor mounting places less stress on the door jamb or frame. Its large, two-way polycarbonate windows also reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Reliable Service

Here at Premier Doors, we’re always aiming for more. That’s why our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with our products; we also step up our service.

Compared to other brands, our delivery lead time is much shorter. Our competitive warranty can also be extended upon request. First-time buyers can also avail of our free measure and quote service by calling customer support anytime, every day.

Remember: you don’t always have to pay a lot for good quality.

Have a look at our portfolio or contact us today at +61 3 9357 8477 for more info.