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EFAFLEX is recognised internationally when it comes to superior quality in manufacturing industrial, roller and folding doors. That’s why we are happy to supply and install EFAFLEX including one of the best models in the range, the S Series high speed spiral door.

If you’re wondering what are the advantages of using the S Series door system, here are a few reasons why this is one of the best options on the market.

Superior Spiral Technology

EFAFLEX invented an ingenious way of having the door blade guided into the spiral instead of being rolled up on a shaft. With this, the EFAFLEX S Series can run quietly and smoothly while saving space as a door system. It also makes for a quicker sped that is up to 1.5 meters a second faster than alternatives. On top of this the system is extremely reliable and it can operate for up to 250,000 cycles per year.

The EFAFLEX S Series is also available in three variants. Aside from the standard Round Spiral, it is also available in Oval Spiral (best for space-restricted conditions) and Low-header (recommended for car parks).

Better Temperature Control

EFAFLEX doors are excellent at insulating against temperature variations and as such can save energy when it comes to heating and cooling inside the enclosed environment.

All EFAFLEX S Series doors comes equipped with specialised laths optimised for thermal insulation. These laths have been developed to retain as much as 1.52 W / m²K and are available in varying thickness (40, 60, or 80mm) and designs.

Long-lasting quality

Long term reliability is also a safe bet with EFAFLEX. The Efaflex S Series is designed to impress when it comes to long service life and additional features. The door blades are extraordinarily robust, long-lasting, secure, and sound-insulating as well as self-repairing. All electrical components are also certified in line with EU industry standards which means they are of the highest quality and are built to last.

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