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Handling perishable goods, such as meat, involves a lot of care and consideration. A meat production environment can be extremely busy and hectic, which is why it’s important that steps are taken to improve the facilities. This includes installing the proper warehouse doors that can help with keeping the workflow smooth and efficient.


With the right kind of doors, you can streamline your processes better, thereby maximising your productivity. This is a huge advantage for any business and can take you to the next level.


Premier Door Systems has been known to provide the best door solutions for any industry, and it is proven yet again with our project assisting well known smallgoods company Bertocchi Smallgoods.

The Best For The Best!

Bertocchi Smallgoods has been in the meat production and processing industry for over five decades. With this kind of longevity, the company has become one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of high-quality smallgoods. To keep up with the standards set by such a well established and successful business, their facility observes rigorous compliance with all regulatory industry standards. And to further this approach, Bertocchi has expanded over recent years with an export facility assisted by government funding in Melton.


This expansion heralds only good things for the company. Indeed, the Melton facility is expected to give them the capacity to meet the growing product demands as well as enhance their full range of offerings. Additionally, Bertocchi established a new laboratory and research facility to aid them in avoiding potential food hazards.


Bertocchi has been a good customer of Premier Door Systems for years, and we have grown with them in providing good products and excellent service. In line with the quality that Bertocchi offers, Premier Door Systems installed PremECONO doors in the Bertocchi facility. These doors are made with stainless steel and are suitable when it comes to meeting the environmental requirements of this industry, offering safety, cleanliness and efficiency.


Over the two sites at Thomastown and Melton, Premier have installed;

–           PremSPEED – Rapid Roll doors

–           PremSWING – PVC Swing Doors

–           PremECONO – Economic Rapid Roll Doors

–           Automated Swing and Sliding PremIMPACT doors with access control

–           PremSTRIP – PVC Strip Curtains

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