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Big, busy, and better: that’s the aim of every warehouse.

If you’re running a plant yourself, you’d want to maximise its overall productivity flow. So how do you do it?

Aside from expanding spaces and streamlining tasks, one of the biggest feats that a powerhouse plant should do is installing quality equipment like rapid roller doors.

Having a rapid roller door is a huge advantage especially to a manufacturing business. So here’s how you can upgrade your warehouse to greater heights.

Fast & Efficient

Do you want to speed up your crew’s process minus the hassle?

The EFAFLEX R Series is optimised for high-speed door opening and closing. High speed roller doors are beneficial in retaining room temperatures, soundproofing areas, and keeping areas dust-free. With a maximum speed of 2.6 m/s and 150,000 fuss-free loadings per year, it truly lives up to its promise as an efficient commercial door.

Safe & Reliable

Warehouses are notorious for workplace accidents. A study back in 2016 found that 50% of work-related fatalities occurred in blue-collar industries, including warehousing.

But with EFAFLEX, there’s no need to worry! EFAFLEX is best known for pioneering high-speed doors for more than 40 years; that’s why their reputation for making excellent industrial doors is unmatched. The R Series, in particular, have durable wind curtains, stopping sensors and even an automated release function which presses out the bottom door panel out of its guides on both sides.

Full of Potential

Best of all, EFAFLEX is committed to continuously developing its products. That’s why we’re proud suppliers of this world-renowned brand!

The industry giant has recently came up with its latest range of commercial doors: the MTL series.

The first model from the line is the EFA-SRT® MTL, a high speed roll up door that is more than meets the eye with its advanced features. Double your operations with one power-driven roll-up door that’s optimised for application, equipment and combination options!

Come see EFAFLEX’s range of commercial doors and more here at Premier Door Systems. We’re a trusted door solutions provider here in Melbourne for more than 2 decades. Aside from that, we’re also proudly Aussie-owned and support local businesses in our industry!

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