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In industrial spaces like warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, keeping pests at bay is key. Insects can harm health and contaminate goods, making a clean environment essential for safety and product quality.

One approach is to have a door that incorporates features for effective pest prevention. The great news is that Premier Door Systems’ PremSPEED Rapid Roller Doors with ventilation offer an outstanding solution.

Let’s explore how these doors enhance pest control and benefit your business.

PremSPEED Rapid Roll Doors by Premier Door Systems

PremSPEED presents an efficient high-speed system that streamlines traffic flow, reduces noise, and maintains temperature control. These doors also feature safe two-way vision panels and full-width ventilation, ensuring airflow while keeping pests out. This combination not only prevents ingress but also increases natural light in factories and warehouses.

PremSPEED features and benefits

  • PremSPEED’s curtain can be configured with panels of mesh screen, which allows airflow into a facility, while preventing flies & insects from getting in
  • This commercial door is typically good for areas in warmer climates wanting to maintain airflow
  • It enables natural light to enter the facility
  • The two types of ventilated mesh are available in Fine and Coarse grade
  • Can be configured in Window, or Full Panels, and in combination with solid and clear curtain configurations.
  • Typically used in cleanrooms, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries and car washes

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