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PVC doors are a staple in the manufacturing industry because of its cost-efficient features and easy maintenance. However, with the many types available in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one suits your business best. Read on to find out which PVC door is your best bet.

General usage

PVC strip curtains provide ample benefits and is a low-cost solution to ensure cleanliness in the workspace. If you have no specific requirement for your warehouse, then the PremSTRIP Industrial Strip Doors is a great choice for you.

The PremSTRIP Industrial Strip Door is amenable to any entryway size and can be easily adjusted to fit any application. The strip width ranges from about 100mm to 400mm and thickness which can be as thin as 2 mm or 5 mm. Upon installation, this type of PVC door can slide, be static, or even run straight and around corners.

Dust-free solutions

Some working environments need to be secured from dust and dirt. Workshops, for example, are already messy on its own because of all the cutting, stripping, and other kinds of handiwork that happens there.

If you’re looking for an upgraded PVC strip door, be sure to try out the PremSCREEN sheet. PremSCREEN effectively safeguards any area from dirt and gunk with its high-quality PVC sheets. You can also rest assured that the PremSCREEN won’t obstruct natural light for full visibility and can also be used as a barrier for thermal, dust, noise, or even spray control.

UV-blocking capabilities

Industrial and automobile companies usually feature a welding area where workers sculpt metals using electricity or flames. This kind of procedure needs certain precautions as it may pose a threat not only to the welders but also to the whole warehouse itself.

Thankfully, the PremSHIELD Welding Screen is equipped with UV-blocking capabilities to ensure the highest standards of safety. The curtain comes in a beautiful golden bronze colour with a UV inhibitor that blocks 99% of UV transmission but still retains high transparency. The PVC will also diminish any cases of combustion.

For more information on industrial doors like PVC strip curtains, be sure to check out Premier Door Systems. We’re a 100% proudly Australian-owned company that produces one of the best commercial doors in the country. For enquiries, call us at +61 3 9357 8477.