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Supermarkets service thousands of customers every day. They are bustling places that deal with moderate to heavy foot traffic regularly. They must keep up with demands in order to thrive in such a competitive market.

If you’re upgrading your store, do it the right way.  Keep scrolling to learn why PVC doors are the best choice for supermarkets.

Heavy Duty Benefits

Ever wanted a door that does it all? PremSWING PVC Swing Door’s got it for you.

Our very own PVC swing door is equipped with see-through panels that absorb impact and allow hands-free operation.

Aesthetic Finish

Some doors just aren’t made equal. Some other doors may be ok in operation but they lack in aesthetics.

If you want a more streamlined look for your business, you’d want a door that fits nicely. PremSWING offers options of a frosted finish, or opaque coloured PVC panels, and a sleek anodised finish for its aluminium extrusions. You can also have your door powder coated or apply sign writing if needed.

Long-Lasting Investment

Like many of our door models, PremSWING is a cost-efficient addition to any establishment. This type of door is designed to survive traffic-heavy environments prone to bumps and scuffs with little to no effect. All materials used also ensure minimal maintenance in the long term.

All in all, PremSWING is a great product that’s both simple and effective. A door like this ensures productivity and safety whether it be pedestrian or trolley traffic.

Ready to upgrade your supermarket? We’re here to help. For quality door solutions, choose Premier Door Systems.

Premier Doors’ line of products is designed to address industry-specific requirements without looking too clunky for your place. We also take our commitment to fast lead times and pleasant customer experience seriously, making us the new alternative.

Consult one of our door specialists today by calling +61 3 9357 8477 to make sure your purchase will suit all your needs. You can also learn more about our doors and other services by clicking here.