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If you’re looking for premium-quality, versatile strip door solutions that can be used for a wide range of applications, consider PremFLEX PVC strip curtains. They’re a popular choice for various commercial, industrial and domestic properties – you’ve probably already seen them in action! PremFLEX PVC strip curtains help ensure the cleanliness and safety of the area and are ideal for cool rooms, offices, food stores and supermarkets.

PremFLEX strip curtains make for an awesome addition to any property. Here’s why.

Climate control

PremFLEX commercial PVC strip curtains have self-sealing features to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. This makes them extremely useful in facilities requiring superior climate control and temperature containment. Similarly, these self-sealing properties contribute to lower heating and cooling costs, reducing energy consumption. Therefore, running your business is a lot more efficient.


Installing PremFLEX PVC strip curtains can be a sound investment that has long-term benefits. Heavy duty and durable, the plastic strips for doorways are available as a Domestic curtain 840mm wide x 2100mm high (standard), along with Commercial curtains made to measure. The exclusive overlapping ribbed design lets it effectively serve as a protective barrier against dust, insects and other airborne particles. As the PVC strips can also withstand both high and low temperatures, there is minimal risk of warping surfaces.


PremFLEX PVC strip curtains are available in various sizes and can be custom-designed to meet your requirements. You can also choose its colour from smokey grey, clear, blue, yellow, green or red, or you can have them in combinations that suit your business. 

Install high-quality PVC strip curtains and strip doors in your food processing facility now!

We at Premier Door Systems have been in the business for over 30 years, assisting in the implementation of hygiene control by the Environmental Health Departments through our PremFLEX PVC strip curtains. With these colourful climate-controlling PVC strip curtains, various businesses across Australia were able to meet stringent health standards to protect their facilities. With PremFLEX, you get healthy safety, temperature control and energy efficiency!

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