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Rapid Roller Doors continue to remain some of the most popular industrial doors to be installed at relevant business sites, and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Not only do they continue to ensure that the facilities of these businesses can keep up with the requirements of their industry, but these high-functioning doors are effective for workplace efficiency and safety too.

 There are so many reasons why you should consider installing rapid roller doors at your facility. Read on to see just how beneficial these doors can be, and how Premier Door Systems is the best choice for your door solutions.


Rapid roller doors are a seriously long-standing door solution. Premier Doors’ rapid roller doors have blades that are robust and their durable panels are made from polyester-reinforced fire-retardant PVC. They’re also coated with a UV absorber for increased lifespan.

Increased Speed

One of the more obvious advantages of rapid roller doors is their incredible speed. These cutting-edge doors have an efficient high-speed system that streamlines traffic flow to increase efficiently. This is particularly advantageous for the use in cleanrooms, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical industries and car washes.

Improved Workflow

The increased speed of rapid roller doors can significantly improve the workflow in any business premises. It will help the staff and machinery get from Point A to Point B while maintaining specific conditions within the facility.


Reduced Pollution

It’s not uncommon for industrial environments to have high levels of pollution where machinery is used. Rapid roller doors have the benefit of reducing the effects of toxic substances, as well as resistance to water absorption and bacteria, resulting in a safer and more pleasant-working environment for employees.

Safety and Security

Rapid roller doors have built-in security and safety functions designed to protect businesses from unwarranted intrusion. You can activate alarms, giving business owners peace of mind knowing you’ll be notified of any issue to increase the safety of the facility. 

Improved Insulation

Insulation is essential, especially in facilities like food warehouses, laboratories and cold storage. Premier Doors’ rapid roller doors help with keeping the room cool, using thermal insulation that controls the temperature but also helps to save energy.

Ready to get the best door solutions for your facility?

Premier Door Systems offers a wide range of door products, from PVC swing doors to rapid roller doors. Having been in the business for over 40 years, we are equipped to provide you with whatever you need to improve your facility!

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