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The COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the economic landscape, and it has obvious effects on how people view the products they buy and use. There is a resurgence of the demand for local and Australian-made products in the market as we want to support our own. 

So what does “Australian-made” really mean, and why do we advocate for it?

To be authentically “Made in Australia”, the goods or products should have undergone their last substantial transformation in Australia. This means that there are fundamental changes in the identity, nature or essential character of the product as a result of one of more processes or treatments that happened in the country. As such, if only processes such as repackaging or assembly of components were undertaken in Australia, then the final output would not qualify as “Made in Australia”.

This type of process also does not support local producers of componentry, raw materials, or local mills for Steel and Aluminium.

According to the Australian Made Consumer Law, a product qualifies as Made in Australia or Australian-Made, and thus can be labelled as such, if it satisfies two criteria:

  1. The product is produced or manufactured in Australia, not just assembled or packaged
  2. At least 50% of the cost of making the product has been spent in Australia

The cost of production takes into consideration the expenditure on materials, labour, and on overhead charges.

Here at Premier Door Systems, we have a policy to ensure that all efforts are made to use local suppliers of raw materials, where possible. Our range of locally made products are made up of raw materials sourced from Australia.

We also proudly and clearly nominate relationships with other products within our range as imported, and are specialised, meaning they cannot be produced locally.

Despite these relationships with overseas suppliers, over 70% of Premier’s business comes from LOCALLY made products, and these include products such as:

–          Rapid Roller Doors

–          High Impact Traffic Doors

–          PVC Swing Doors

–          PremFLEX Strip Curtains

Ready to get the best Australian-Made door solutions for your facility?

Here at Premier Door Systems, we supply and install a range of door solutions suitable for various applications. From PVC swing doors to rapid roller doors, we assure you that our products are proudly Made in Australia, featuring strength, durability and the highest quality to give you the best performance.

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