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In business having a secure and safe location is always important. It is also critical that any high speed roller doors you have in your warehouse help your business to function more smoothly when rapid access to your premises is need for goods as they come and go. When looking at this a cleverly designed elegant solution is key. You want goods to be secure, but also to move about quickly, all the while making sure your staff are safe. Quality high speed rapid roller doors can solve a lot of problems for those with busy warehouses and at Premier Doors this is what we specialise in.

Here at Premier Door Systems, our high-speed warehouse doors are designed to be efficient, productive and energy-saving. They are sure to boost the workspace output as well as protect your important assets and equipment.

Here’s why our EFAFLEX MTL series of high-speed warehouse doors are a good bet for your business.


When thinking of commercial and industrial logistic applications high speed roller doors need to be versatile which depend on the configuration of the business. Depending on what you are moving and how you are managing the processes internally there are many different combinations of equipment, transport hardware and of course stockholdings come in all shapes and sizes too. Thankfully no matter what you are moving in and out of your warehouse our EFA MTL (Material Transport and Logistics) doors solutions can be tailored to your individual needs. It is not a case of one size fits all, but instead taking into account your individual needs when looking for a rapid roller door solution for your warehouse and business.


High speed warehouse doors are just as the name states, mighty fast. Our EFAFLEX MTL doors can open at speeds of up to 1.5 meters a second and so provide safe secure access and security quickly. Even better the S Series High Speed Spiral Doors achieve peak speeds of up to 4 meters a second! This means our rapid roller doors are efficient when thinking of the demands of a fast paced logistics business and the needs to move things into and out of a warehouse with a minimum of time wasted.

Improved Thermal Insulation

In many circumstances warehouses need to be secure, but also need to be at a certain temperature to protect the goods stored therein. Our secure high-speed doors like the EFAFLEX S Series’ have industry leading thermal insulation. You can be sure of our products’ ability to effectively seal temperatures within a room. The high speed also means you lose less cold or warmth. The access to the outside world is limited and thus less energy is needed to maintain the integrity of the environment with heating or refrigeration. 

Energy Efficient

Our line of high-speed doors, including the PremSPEED Rapid Roller Door, are very effective to handle warehousing and logistic requirements. They are built with energy-saving benefits in mind; indeed, with their high-speed functionality, they consume less energy. They also operate much more smoothly, reducing the noise produced.

Reliable Quality

We at Premier Doors offer only the best products with internationally-acclaimed quality. Our EFAFLEX doors are rated as being able to comfortably handle 250,000 opening/closing cycles a year. This is quite a benchmark! All of our products exceed industry standards, ensuring unrivalled performance. With Premier Doors, you’re signing up for a long-lasting investment, taking your business to the next level.

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